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    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    1. How to interpret social media metrics and increase
    {Too Long}
    Posted to MB Topic: Just Conversation  « PrestwoodBoards Board
    5 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 2. Check Registry Entries
    Make sure there is only one entry in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Borland\Database Engine\CONFIGFILE01.  Sometimes if you've tried to install more than once, the entry gets duplicated with a semi-colon inserted between the values.  Delete the second entry including the semi-colon.
    7 days ago

       3. Perfect!!!...again! By Brad.M
       4. RE: {Too Long}...again! By Anonymous
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 5. Comment about Send email with ASPMail
    Do you know where ASPMail stores its registration key? We've misplaced ours and want to move it to a new server. --- Craig
    Posted to KB Topic: Language Basics  « ASP Classic KB
    12 days ago, Updated 12 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 6. RE: {Too Long}
    --- dharmnath sah
    14 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    7. Paradox to ODBC SQL Connection Login Screen
    Does anyone know of a way to get rid of the pop up login screen when connecting BDE to ODBC SQL server? I have found places that state you can store the login information, but that does not seem to work. Is there a specific ODBC driver I should be using that will work better than the SQL Server Native Client 11 (this seems to work the best for data types and such)?
    14 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    8. How uninstall Pdox 10 from Windows 8.1
    Hi.  I have Pdox 10 installed on Windows 8.1 (64 bit but Pdox running under Win's 32 bit capability). I have been having some glitches which make me want to uninstall and reinstall Word Perfect Office 2002, or at least Pdox 10, to see if that fixes things. When I do "Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program", Paradox and/or Word Perfect Office 2002 do not appear in the list of programs to potentially uninstall.  I am reluctant to just reinstall for fear I could screw up what I have. , In the olden days (possibly thru Windows 7), you could uninstall the Word Perfect 2002 programs via Start | Programs | Word Perfect | Uninstall;  but with Win 8.1, that option is no longer available. Any idea of (1) Do I first need to uninstall Word Perfect Office 2002 / Paradox 10 in order to reinstall the same?; and 2) If so, how? Thanks,,  Fred
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
    14 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 9. RE: {Too Long}

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    10. How do I patch Paradox 11 for Vista?
    Howdy y'all, I was using Pdox on an XP Pro laptop to support infrequent maintenance of a Pdox/DOS app. The disk failed with no image backup. Now using this Toshiba laptop running Vista Ultimate SP2 x86 with all patches. This copy of Pdox 11 came from the WP Office 11 CD. I have the product key. I had downloaded and installed SP2 and SP3 patches for Pdox 11 and now have on this machine. I read in Mr. Prestwood's article about Vista that Corel had released an Installer patch that results in an instance. This instance is working correctly except for the APPCRASH event that occurs in pdxwin32.exe when I exit the program. Does the 411 point release fix the APPCRASH bug? So what's the path to an instance from my WPO 11 Pro CD? Thanks kindly. P.S. Don't really wanna consider upgrading to Win 7 x86 unless absolutely necessary.
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
    21 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 11. Comment about Borland Database Engine 5.202
    {Too Long}
    Posted to KB Topic: Borland Database Engine  « Coder KB
    29 days ago, Updated 29 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 12. Comment about Borland Database Engine (BDE) Downloads
    {Too Long}
    Posted to KB Topic: Installation, Setup, & BDE  « Paradox KB
    29 days ago, Updated 29 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 13. Comment about Response.Flush and Response.Buffer
    s --- san
    Posted to KB Topic: Language Details  « ASP Classic KB
    32 days ago, Updated 32 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 14. Comment about Rated by MSNBC.
    Definitely not low stress. Also, no matter what the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted back in 2008, the tech writing field is not growing. Salaries have dropped dramatically since 2008, and tech writer positions are scarce, largely due to outsourcing and cost-cutting in general. Tech writers are considered expendable and are the last to be hired and the first to be let go. Please do not encourage anyone to go into this declining field. --- Jane Doe
    Posted to KB Topic: Technical Writing  « Tech Writer KB
    33 days ago, Updated 33 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 15. Comment about Borland TUtility wrapped up in a Prestwood Installation
    need this toosl --- ADJ
    Posted to KB Topic: Paradox Tables  « Paradox KB
    35 days ago, Updated 35 days ago by

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