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    1. Comment about Delphi Overriding (virtual, override)
    THanks very mucH for tHe examples --- DB
    Posted to KB Topic: OOP  « Delphi KB
    116 minutes ago, Updated 116 minutes ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    2. Setting up Exchange email on ios 8 device
    Posted to KB Topic: Exchange Server  « Tech KB
    88 hours ago, Updated 88 hours ago by mprestwood

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 3. Comment about Windows could not start the SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) on Local Computer. ... service-sp
    Thank you! --- Melissa
    Posted to KB Topic: Microsoft SQL Server  « DBA KB
    8 days ago, Updated 8 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 4. Comment about Get all components in an ASPX page recursively
    Gracias. Muy buen aporte. Saludos desde Salta Capital - Argentina --- Salta Capital
    Posted to KB Topic: WebForms Coding Tasks  « C# KB
    14 days ago, Updated 14 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 5. Comment about Paradox and OpenOffice
    vbnv --- serge
    Posted to KB Topic: OPAL: Language Details  « Paradox KB
    28 days ago, Updated 28 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 6. Comment about Static Class / Static Member
    Small correction in: A static member is a member you can have access to without instantiating the class into an object. For example, you can read and write static properties and call static methods without ever creating the class i think should be:, ... without ever creating the object. --- Marian Chovan
    Posted to KB Topic: Object Orientation (OO)  « Coder KB
    29 days ago, Updated 29 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 7. RE: Pascal Database Toolbox (TAcce...
    S.V.P Je cherche une UNIT TACCESS.PAS qui sera compatible avec BDS 2006.Merci bien. --- saidelhani
    Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Object PASCAL  « Delphi Board
    33 days ago

       8. RE: Pascal Database Toolbox (TAcce......again! By Anonymous
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 9. Comment about Distribution: Fedora
    Fedora/Ubuntu/Debian/etc are pretty good for Windoze desktop replacement.  And each has several flavors of GUI for you to choose from to get one that is comfortable - usually a theme on top of Gnome. For servers I recommend CentOS v6.x (even ...
    Posted to KB Topic: Linux Operating Systems  « Linux KB
    37 days ago, Updated 37 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 10. Comment about A 10 Minute VB.Net Console Application Quick Start
    This was very helpful short cut for me as a starter. Thank you very much. --- hanyas
    Posted to KB Topic: Tool Basics  « VB.Net KB
    41 days ago, Updated 41 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 11. RE: REPAIR TABLES IN FORMS OR S...
    {Too Long}
    Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    44 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 12. Comment about Paradox 11 Desktop Settings do not Save (PdxRegCl.exe)
    I have installed Paradox11 on Windows7 Japanese version. But I cannot change default font or working directory, and I find this page. On my case, remove registry key, leave the files as Pdxregcl.* on the drive, and make shortcut with parameter switch -n .  IF without -n switch, paradox change registry. --- Mark Hayashi
    Posted to KB Topic: Installation, Setup, & BDE  « Paradox KB
    45 days ago, Updated 45 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    13. Creating content is like making cupcakes
    An article about  Marketing News.
    Posted to KB Topic: Artistic (design, layout, etc.)  « Design KB
    47 days ago, Updated 47 days ago by mprestwood

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    14. Hirens Bootable CD is The Swiss Army Knife Of Utility Software
    This article describes a software package you can download for free that offers a great variety of utility software you can use for many PC troubleshooting problems.
    Posted to KB Topic: Software  « Tech KB
    49 days ago, Updated 49 days ago by mprestwood

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    15. An Easy, Cheap Way To Get Going After A PC Fails From A Bad Motherboard
    This article describes a quick, economical way to get up and running after a PC with a viable hard disk fails due to defective electronic components.
    Posted to KB Topic: Hardware  « Tech KB
    49 days ago, Updated 49 days ago by mprestwood

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