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New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 1. RE: Export table to spreadsheet
Another approach is a free 3rd party (ancient) tool called Sportamok's Paradox dBase Reader (v2.2.0). When I'm sharing database files with non-Paradox users, that's what I suggest.
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
137 minutes ago

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 2. implemented
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
147 minutes ago

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 3. Comment about Reverse Offshoring - Sallie Mae to create 2000 U.S. jobs
Hello, thanks for this wonderful information sharing with us. I am searching for my Naked 100 Ejuice and while searching for it i have found your post which looks quite much interesting to me. When i read it thoroughly, i have found many useful content in your post which will be very helpful for me regarding getting new job.
Posted to KB Topic: Off Shoring  « AmericanIT KB
36 hours ago, Updated 36 hours ago by

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 4. Comment about C++ Comments
Presumably there are heaps of mysteries of the world and in this article the mystery which is depicted in such a heavenly clarification. Such enlightening is just found in bigtexdecatur.com of various experts which we read in our life. As per this written work we learn numerous great things about Swedish individuals and their country.
Posted to KB Topic: Standard C++  « C++ KB
37 hours ago, Updated 37 hours ago by

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 5. Comment about Power: Chapter 06, The Event Model
I read your blog frequently, and I just thought I’d say keep up the fantastic work! It is one of the most outstanding blogs in my opinion.Residential Security Munich
Posted to KB Topic: P9 Book: Power Programming  « Paradox KB
37 hours ago, Updated 37 hours ago by

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 6. Comment about CMAS Certified & Small Business Certified
Our Low Cost GDPR Templates Kit is the ideal way to ensure full compliance with the EU’s new GDPR regulations quickly. It includes all of the resources you’ll need, and even fully detailed instructions on adapting the templates to your organisation. Low Cost GDPR Templates Kit
Posted to KB Topic: Coding Services  « Client KB
39 hours ago, Updated 39 hours ago by

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 7. Comment about Google Android Blog
Android is fast growing products in the market and the most mobile phone having an Android operating system with advanced features to make it user-friendly. I’m also looking for some online assignmentgeek company resources to expand my knowledge.
Posted to KB Topic: Wireless Networking  « Tech KB
43 hours ago, Updated 43 hours ago by

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 8. Comment about Building a drop down DHTML menu system
{Too Long!}
Posted to KB Topic: Artistic (design, layout, etc.)  « Design KB
45 hours ago, Updated 45 hours ago by

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 9. RE: Export table to spreadsheet
more or less, what I had in mind.. only fancier :-)
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
59 hours ago

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 10. RE: Search multiple Scripts
Hey David,   I dont know if you found a solution to your issue.  Let me tell you how I do that. As  Steven suggested, I use enumsourcetofile,  (and it does work on script files).   For each object I script i create a .src file. For instance if I compile   test.ssl,  I use enumsourcetofile to send the script to test.ssl.src All of the src files are stored in the same folder. When I need to search for something, I open Notepad++  and use the "Find in Files" function and I filter on the .SRC files Hope this helps.
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
60 hours ago

New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 11. RE: Export table to spreadsheet
I resolved this issue.   I no longer have version issues in excel.cool In the end I wrote a parser to create an xml representation of the data,  then ask excel to open it. The export process is super fast and it gives me the ability to add headers, create freeze panes, and bold face text. all the developer has to do is call the function with the following arguments
  • TName string ;  Table name to export
  • SSName String; Spreadsheet name to save as
  • bShowHeader Logical;  Yes/No to show header info in first four rows
  • strCompany String; client name
  • strHeader String ; report name
  • strAsOfDate String ; As of date for the data in the file
  • strPrintDate String; print date of the data (creation date)
  • OpenExcel Logical ;  Display in excel when complete
  • Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    60 hours ago

    New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 12. Comment about ASP Classic Comments (' or REM)
    you will Play freecell game online  card game it is the multiplayer card game the goal of the game is to score more points than your opponent you loves to play freecell.
    Posted to KB Topic: Tool Basics  « ASP Classic KB
    63 hours ago, Updated 63 hours ago by

    New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 13. Comment about ObjectPAL Unary Operators
    Playing cooking games will eventually be beneficial for you in a way of learning cooking and papa sushiria online , you can easily play it to see how to manage things.
    Posted to KB Topic: OPAL: Language Basics  « Paradox KB
    63 hours ago, Updated 63 hours ago by

    New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 14. Comment about CMAS Certified & Small Business Certified
    Academic writing help is so hard to come by these days. This is useful for me, so I will share this on the https://freelancewriting.biz/freelance-writing-assignments-jobs-online/ site right now. You need to provide more help articles to us.
    Posted to KB Topic: Coding Services  « Client KB
    70 hours ago, Updated 70 hours ago by

    New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 15. Comment about Programmers Guild
    Thanks to providing the programmer guide I like to learn about the programming language in my free time. I work for the Big Owner I want to make future changes with my own.
    Posted to KB Topic: American I.T. workforce  « AmericanIT KB
    71 hours ago, Updated 71 hours ago by

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