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    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 1. RE: {Too Long}
    Resolved issue with a restore from a periodic backup on a USB drive.
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
    6 days ago

       2. Initialization Errors - Pdx & BDE...again! By paulh
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 3. Sync Center
    {Too Long}
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
    19 days ago

       4. RE: Frequent waiting...again! By John.B4
       5. Frequent waiting...again! By OzPaul
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    6. Running Paradox over an IPSec VPN Connection
    We recently upgraded to Windows 7 and I purchased Paradox 11.  Paradox 11 runs perfectly fine when I am working in the office.  But when I try to run Paradox over an IPsec VPN connection, performance degrades substantially (a simple query which takes 3 seconds to run takes over a minute).  The issue is not related to internet speed or connectivity as Microsoft products such as Access and SQL Server Management Studio run perfectly fine without any performance degradation.  Does anyone know of a solution which would improve Paradox performance?
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
    20 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    7. Paradox 7 upgrade
    Hi   I'm trying to build a case for our company to upgrade from paradox 7 win with BDE 3.0 to at least 9.0, although by the look of it we would have to get wordperfect X7 pro which would include 11.0.   i can't find much information on the benefits or changes we would get from such a jump.   Should we upgrade to BDE 5.2.2 already ? and what benefits (i'm sure i used to have a website that gave me bde 5.0.2 with changelogs but cannot find it anymore)  Is it worth installing paradox runtime on all clients ? I tested on my home pc with runtime 10 and our application seems to work fine but with "no" benefits ? If we get runtime 10 or 11, can i continue devlopping/fixing with paradox 7 dev on my computer without breaking everything ? Many thanks Jerome
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
    20 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 8. Comment about Associative Arrays in ASP Classic
    The link "http://www.rodsdot.com/asp/Associative_Array_For_Classic_ASP.asp" is not working any more. Do you now where I could get the the class concerned? --- Matti
    Posted to KB Topic: Language Details  « ASP Classic KB
    20 days ago, Updated 20 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 9. Comment about FreeWheel by Jim Barry
    The download no longer works. Geocities closed in 2009.  Any idea where on can get FreeWheel now? --- Rick at Softwareafrica.co.za
    Posted to KB Topic: Paradox & ObjectPAL  « Paradox KB
    24 days ago, Updated 24 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    10. no title
    Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
    25 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 11. Comment about Delphi Case Sensitivity (No)
    Thank you for doing these sample questions! Question#8 could be clarified a bit more though to specify that the different case variables cannot be used within the same scope (thus the answer is False). At first I thought the question was asking if either case could be used in Delphi (I was thinking different scopes), which would lead to a True answer. --- Janice
    Posted to KB Topic: Language Basics  « Delphi KB
    25 days ago, Updated 25 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit

    12. The Infamous Path Bug
    {Too Long}
    Posted to KB Topic: Win Users  « Windows KB
    26 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 13. Comment about Free Programming Books!
    Update: Today, February 4 2015, Syncfusion is offering over 50 free books!
    Posted to KB Topic: IT Water-Cooler for Power-Users  « Industry KB
    26 days ago, Updated 26 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    14. Button works but newValue does not.
    {Too Long}
    Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    35 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 15. Comment about Borland Database Engine 5.202
    Thanks for making this available. I am trying to use this downloaded file to install BDE 5.2. The installation starts fine, but there must be some logic in the installation program because I am getting the error message below, even though I don't have any BDE applications running. The installation program has detected BDE version currently running. Please close any applications using the BDE and then restart this installation. Anyone have a resolution for this error message or an alternate BDE 5.2 installer? Many thanks! --Joe
    Posted to KB Topic: Borland Database Engine  « Coder KB
    39 days ago, Updated 39 days ago by

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