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    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 1. RE: Filebrowser & Files Types
    Hi A. I. Breveleri Thanks for your Reply! I had begun to Suspect I Could not do what I wanted with FileSystem & the FileSpec! So, I have begun Looking into Using Win API, One because of the Filspec Limitation and 2 Because I understand there are issue's with Resource Leaks (Just Found out about that One), in the Meantime your suggestion to use AdvMatch Sounds a good workaround in the meantime.  Many hanks your Reply!
    Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    14 days ago

       2. RE: Filebrowser & Files Types...again! By A. I. Breveleri
       3. RE: Filebrowser & Files Types...again! By gbash
       4. Filebrowser & Files Types...again! By gbash
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 5. Comment about What To Do When Your Paradox Data Table View Comes Up Black
    You are welcome!
    Posted to KB Topic: Paradox Tables  « Paradox KB
    20 days ago, Updated 20 days ago by

       6. Comment about What To Do When Your Paradox Data Table View Comes Up Black...again! By Anonymous
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    7. updating field properties in a tableFrame
    {Too Long}
    Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    26 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 8. Comment about Delphi: Encryption of data fields
    hello world --- alex
    Posted to KB Topic: Delphi for Win32  « Delphi KB
    26 days ago, Updated 26 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 9. RE: {Too Long}
    Is there a sendKeys code for the Windows key?  I am trying to add a password protection to and Excel spreadsheet and the last step seems to require that key.
    Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    26 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 10. Comment about Version Control Initial Checkin
    That is hilarious! I'll say that "To Be Done" will probably be the first checkin message for many repositories of beginning version control users. But I get the feeling that wasn't what you wanted to write and publish in your newsletter... X-D
    Posted to KB Topic: Coding Services Info  « Prestwood IT KB
    28 days ago, Updated 28 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    11. A Six Point Checklist To Help Your PC Run Better
    This article discusses some tips for maintaining your PC so it will run more efficiently.
    Posted to KB Topic: Software  « Tech KB
    31 days ago, Updated 31 days ago by mprestwood

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    12. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner Removes Unnecessary Entries From Your Windows Registry
    This article describes a Windows system registry cleaner that does a good job and is free for you to download.


    Posted to KB Topic: Software  « Tech KB
    31 days ago, Updated 31 days ago by mprestwood

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 13. Posting to SQL from multiple forms
    Bradley, I read thru your response and it appears that you're posting the the SQL db only thru the library.  I have a situation that I need to post to the SQL db from many different forms and passing all of the data thru to a library would be extensive.  Is there any other way to open the SQL db for the entire paradox session? I'm concerned about performance if we have to open the db connection on each and every form. Thanks for your help! Beth
    39 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    14. Twain to jpg
    Hi All.... It seems that there is no option for choosing a jpg rather than a bmp output when using Twain control from within Paradox... Is this so? If not can you suggest a work around apart from a manual conversion?? Thanks, Paul
    Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    45 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 15. RE: Delphi 6 and Toraclequery.
    wow 13 years and nobody help you, I have the same problem, I´m fresh on delphi programming.  Regards! --- Dulce
    Posted to MB Topic: Oracle  « DBA Board
    53 days ago

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