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Google Android Blog

By lowster11

This is hard trying to nav the boards in my Droid SDK!

Posted to KB Topic: Wireless Networking
5 days ago
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Computer Tech

Creating content is like making cupcakes

By raija.f

An article about  Marketing News.

9 days ago
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Website Design & Hosting

Windows XP Not Supported After June 30, 2008

By Wes
Microsoft plans to discontinue sales of Windows XP on June 30, 2008. Because XP is a tried and true OS, and because of numerous problems with Vista, many users and IT departments would prefer to stick with XP. InfoWorld has an initiative to keep XP alive indefinitely. You can help.
33 days ago
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Computer Industry

A Great Info Resource

By wes
There are many, many useful web sites from which we developers can glean the information we need to keep up with new technology and trends.
Posted to KB Topic: Computer Industry
60 days ago
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Computer Industry

H-1B visa displaces 500,000 U.S. tech workers

By KBerry
The H-1b and L-1 worker visa programs are flooding the U.S. job market and displacing hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers.
63 days ago
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American I.T. Workforce

Homework and Assignment Help by PhD Experts

By Lusy.S
92 days ago
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Computer Industry

The Future of Paradox Blog

By mprestwood

If you have an existing Paradox system you can keep using it but you'll need to skip the Vista operating system and either stick with Windows XP or move to Windows 7. Because better tools exist, you may very well want to put a plan together now for converting to another development tool or at least understand what the future is likely to hold. If you're a power-user or researcher working with data, stick with Paradox.

Posted to KB Topic: Tool Basics
108 days ago
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Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding

Four Ways to Make IT More Effective

By rsmcclendon
By avoiding some common mistakes, IT Departments can help minimize operations support and maintenance costs. As a result, more IT budget dollars can be diverted to projects that can help improve organizational efficiencies and overall customer service.
113 days ago
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Computer Industry

Latest Microsoft 70-537 Practice Exam Questions 2018

By john.s13
8 months ago
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Computer Industry

3 Major mistakes you can make with your website

By vrani.c

website mistakes, website navigation, website layout, marketing strategies, website design

8 months ago
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Website Design & Hosting
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