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  From the September 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Delphi Language Basics:
Delphi Constants (Const kPI: Double=3.1459;)
Posted 11 years ago on 12/17/2008 and updated 1/28/2009
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General Info: Computer Language Constants

A constant is just like a variable (it holds a value) but, unlike a variable, you cannot change the value of a constant.

Delphi Constants

In Delphi, you define constants similar to how you define variables but use the Const keyword instead of the Var keyword. Declare global constants in a unit's interface section and unit constants (scope limited to unit) in the implementation section. Declare local constants above the begin..end block.

Syntax Example:
  kFeetToMeter: Double = 3.2808;
  kMeterToFeet: Double = .3048;
  kName: String = "Mike";
//Local constants:
procedure SomeProcedure;
  kPI: Double=3.1459;

Writable Typed Constants

Delphi also supports writable typed constants which are not constants. They are initialized global variables and are a hold-over from earlier versions of Delphi and Turbo Pascal. They are turned off by default in later versions of Delphi so to use them you have to use the compiler directive {$J+} to enable then {$J-} to disable.

Writable Typed Constants Example:

   clicks : Integer = 1; //not a true constant
  Form2.Caption := IntToStr(clicks) ;
  clicks := clicks + 1;

Although the Delphi help says not to use writable typed constants, you may find them useful when you wish to use static local variables. You'll have to decide if you wish to use them. The benefit #3 below has over the suggested #1 is that #3 is local and you therefore don't  have to worry about duplicate constant/variable names; otherwise, they both work well.

//1. Global variable (suggested technique).
//  ButtonClicks: Integer = 0;

procedure TForm2.Button5Click(Sender: TObject);
//2. Does not work (local variable is destroyed with each click
//   so the compiler doesn't even allow this to compile).
//  ButtonClicks: Integer = 0;
//Does not compile!
//3. Writable typed constant is global
//   (same as more correct #3 above, but weird).

  ButtonClicks: Integer = 0;
  If ButtonClicks >= 5 then
    ShowMessage('Stop clicking the button.')
    ButtonClicks := ButtonClicks + 1;
    Form2.Caption := IntToStr(ButtonClicks);

More Info

Definition:  Computer Language Constants


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1 Beginner Level Question

Question #1: Multiple Choice

Which example uses the correct syntax to declare a constant?


  kPI : Double := 3.1459;


  kPI Double := 3.1459;


  kPI Double = 3.1459;


  kPI : Double = 3.1459;


  kPI As Double := 3.1459;

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