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  From the January 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
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Delphi Prism Overloading (implicit)
Posted 10 years ago on 2/13/2009
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General Info: Overloading

Types of overloading include method overloading and operator overloading.

Method Overloading is where different functions with the same name are invoked based on the data types of the parameters passed or the number of parameters. Method overloading is a type of polymorphism and is also known as Parametric Polymorphism.

Operater Overloading allows an operator to behave differently based on the types of values used. For example, in some languages the + operator is used both to add numbers and to concatenate strings. Custom operator overloading is sometimes referred to as ad-hoc polymorphism.

Delphi Prism Overloading

Like Delphi, Prism supports overloading. However, Prism supports implicit overloading (no need for an overload keyword).

Syntax Example:
method MainForm.Add(a, b: integer): Integer;
Result := a + b;
method MainForm.Add(const msg: String; a, b: integer): String;
Result := msg + (a + b);

Delphi Prism Working Example

In the following demo, we will add the two overloaded methods above to a form class and use them in a button click event.

  1. Create an application with a single form and button.
  2. Alter the form class in the interface section as follows:
    MainForm = partial class(System.Windows.Forms.Form)
      method button1_Click(sender: System.Object; e: System.EventArgs);
      method Dispose(disposing: Boolean); override;
      method Add(a, b: integer): Integer;
      method Add(const msg: String; a, b: integer): String;


  3. Add the two methods to the implementation section:
    method MainForm.Add(a, b: integer): Integer;
      Result := a + b;
    method MainForm.Add(const msg: String; a, b: integer): String;
      Result := msg + (a + b);

  4. Now exercise our overloaded method. Alter the click event of our button as follows:
    method MainForm.button1_Click(sender: System.Object; e: System.EventArgs);
      MessageBox.Show("2 + 2 = " + Add(2,2));


  5. Test-it. Run the application and click the button.

More Info

Definition:  Overloading


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