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  From the January 2008 Issue of Prestwood eMag
C# WebForms Coding Tasks:
Changing the Trust Level in your ASP.NET Web Applications
Posted 13 years ago on 6/8/2006 and updated 1/28/2009
Take Away:

To restrict what an ASP.NET application can and cannot access and to provide an additional level of application isolation in a hosted environment, access security can be used. You do this by configuring the element in the machine-level Web.config file located in the following folder: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\{version}\CONFIG.


By default, ASP.NET 2.0 Web applications and Web services run with Full trust and applications can access the resources on their host system according to the operating system security and Windows access control lists.

To restrict what an ASP.NET application can and cannot access and to provide an additional level of application isolation in a hosted environment, access security can be used. You do this by configuring the element in the machine-level Web.config file located in the following folder: %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\{version}\CONFIG.

The different levels of trust are as follows: Full, High, Medium, Low, and Minimal, with full trust being the most lenient and minimal being the most strict. By default, Web applications are configured to run with Full trust. To quickly go over each of the other trust levels: High trust is only slightly more restrictive than Full trust and is appropriate for applications you want to run with slightly lower privileges to mitigate risks. Medium trusted code can read and write its own application directories and can interact with databases. Low trust code can read its own application resources but can't interact with resources located outside of the application space. Minimal trust code cannot interact with any protected resources and is appropriate for hosting sites that simply intend to support generic HTML code and highly isolated business logic.

According to Microsoft, application service providers or anyone responsible for running multiple Web applications on the same server should apply the Medium trust policy and then lock the trust level for all Web applications.

The above snippet from the Web.config file shows how to lock the trust level to Medium. By setting allowOveride=”false” a developer is unable to override the machine Web.config file with his or her application’s Web.config file. trust level="Medium" originUrl="" sets the trust level to medium.

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I am getting secruty exception in my hosted .net applicaiton. Can you please help to change trust level.

Posted 39 months ago

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admin is sleeping, post is too old for reply sealed

Posted 4 months ago

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Remember it is first and foremost a geography/environment program and not a CS program. It seems to also (maybe) share elements of civil and environmental engineering Assignment Help though it is not an engineering degree.

Posted 4 months ago

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KB Post Contributed By Adam Lum:

Adam Lum is a part time developer for Prestwood Software and participates in this online community when time allows. His day-to-day work is C# coding but his current intrests (right now) are Ruby on Rails and iOS programming with Objective-C.  He has also coded several projects in Java, C++, ASP Classic, and PHP.  His personal website can be found at adamlum.com.

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