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Database Problems
Hello everyone!  I am new to Delphi and I am picking it up really quickly by the way.  My problem is I haven't seen a working Mysql database that worked from examples I have downloaded.  I have gotten a few Access database running with Delphi.  What I can't seem to do however is get a certain recordset.  I can't find no information on pulling a specific recordset with Access/Delphi. Here is what I am trying to do:  when a person logs on to the chatroom server, I want them to have access  to the information they entered in there personal record only? If there is an easier way to do this besides using Access, can someone point me in the right direction please.  I am using Delphi 7. Thanking you all in advance!!! 
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12 years ago

{Too Long!}
11 years ago
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Pascal and Delphi Coding

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C Chat Server for Borland?
I have been looking for a few weeks now for a chatserver example in C and can't find one that works for BCB 5.5.  I can find C++ servers but none that are in C that actually works for BCB.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  I wish to connect a database to a console program, but would like the code to be C based and not C++ ( I hear it is faster in regular ansi C).  Thank you in advance!
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12 years ago

Did you ever find a chat server? If not, how did you work around that. Are you porting one of the C++ ones or still looking?
12 years ago
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RE: Database Problems
Thank you so much!  I think im gonna just use regular flat files for the storage.  It will make things less complicated.  Now that B.A.G. site has alot of good stuff!  And I notice you caught my vb recordset reference hahahahahaha.  What version of Delphi are you using by the way?  I have linux installed on a computer in the other room but I don't like the feel of Lazarus, oh and kylix just seems to work with certain linux kernelsBig Grin!
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12 years ago
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Pascal and Delphi Coding
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