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Could someone expleint me what are VBA comments? I don't want to buy research papers cheap just for that.
Posted 9 months ago
Access VBA Comments (' or REM)

Languages Focus: Comments

Commenting code generally has three purposes: to document your code, for psuedo coding prior to coding, and to embed compiler directives. Most languages support both a single line comment and a multiple line comment. Some languages also use comments to give instructions to the compiler or interpreter.

Access VBA Comments

Commenting Code, Access VBA, like all the VB-based languages, uses a single quote (') or the original class-style basic "REM" (most developers just use a quote). Access VBA does NOT have a multiple line comment. Directives - #, Directives are sometimes called compiler or preprocessor directives. A # is used for directives within Access VBA code. Access VBA offers only an #If..then/#ElseIf/#Else directive.
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To the extent which is the better one, it's progressively a matter of coding standard, as well as individual inclination.  Considering what sort of holder to utilize, you should utilize just those from System.Collection.Generics in .NET unless you are constrained something else. What's more, Dictionary is the default cooperative container., customwritingcompany.com answers your questions professionally.
Posted 9 months ago
VB.Net Associative Array (Dictionary)

General Info: Associative Array

A set of unique keys linked to a set of values. Each unique key is associated with a value. Think of it as a two column table. MyArray['CA'] = 'California' MyArray['AR'] = 'Arizona'

Languages Focus: Associative Array

Associative arrays are also known as a dictionary or a hash table in other languages.

VB.Net Associative Array

An associative array links a set of keys to a set of values. In Visual Basic, associative arrays are implemented as Dictionaries. This code produces a message box saying "Nevada."
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