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Joy Ault
UC Davis Health System
Sacramento, -- --
Rank: Captain

Real Name:  Joy Ault
Primary Role:  Office Manager
Title:  Administrator
Company:  Prestwood IT Solutions
Joined: Oct 2002 (17 years ago)
Visits: 2,420
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cool  WTG Mike, that is so awesome!!  Congrats to you and everyone at Prestwood IT!  Joy
Posted 7 years ago
Prestwood IT Wins Best of Citrus Heights 2011
Prestwood IT wins for best company in both Web Design and Computer Services categories. Two years running!
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Wow Mike!  I am in awe and very happy for you!!!! VERY VERY NICE!!!  Congrads to you and all the staff!  I'll have to come visit soon! Joy
Posted 10 years ago
Prestwood 8421 Office Tour
Picture tour of the Prestwood offices at 8421 Auburn Blvd, Suite 256 (Auburn Oaks Plaza business complex).
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Cool  Wow, those pictures brought back a lot of memories....  7525 Auburn served us well over the years....  you'll be taking the fishing wallpaper border to the new place , right? :)  ,
Posted 10 years ago
Prestwood 7525 Office Online Tour
Historical view of our old office located at 7525 Auburn Blvd, Ste 8.
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