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Paradox 8 / 32bits with more of 4GB RAM
Hi everyone, I´m a network consultant of various small offices in Argentina that actually uses Paradox 8 over Windows XP. Paradox systems are mantained by a small team of local programmers. We just start to upgrade the workstations to Intel I5 / Windows 7 64bits (4gb of ram, maximum 32gb) Systems works Ok under Windows 7 64bits. We have read the article at /ASPSuite/KB/Document_View.asp?QID=101303 that says there is not 64-bit version of Paradox. In this case: - Are the new processor (Intel I5 here) a significative difference over the previous Pentium Dual Core?, - Are RAM upgrades of more of 3GB (eg: 8 / 16GB) fully used by Paradox Runtime?, , The scenario in this instalation is a centralized server (Samba/Linux) with Quadcore Xeon processor, Gigabit connection and 4Gigabytes of RAM. Can we optimize this server for Paradox with more memory? , thanks and regards!
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6 years ago
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