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Birmingham, -- UK
Rank: Cadet 3rd Year

Real Name:  Eliot Forbes
Primary Role:  Coder
Joined: Apr 2008 (11 years ago)
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Birthday:  May 31

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yes... thanx Mike!  Posted 11 years ago
An ObjectPAL Primer: Part 3
Part 3.
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Hi Mike, long(ish) time no speak! Thanx once again for facilitating my learning experience with what would have otherwise been a daunting language!  Just one small thing: I noticed that there have been some funny replacements of some punctuation marks throughout this 3-pt Primer (such as type"™s instead of type's).  I'm not sure if these typos exist in other documents, 'coz I haven't looked!, but you might wanna take a look... Regards,, Eliot
Posted 11 years ago
An ObjectPAL Primer: Part 1
This detailed ObjectPAL primer will get you up and running developing in Paradox/ObjectPAL within a few hours.
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ahh... how refreshing: a Trekkie like myself! The only question is (and HAS to be): which version is your first favourite?!  Depending on your answer/s, mine being Star Trek: TNG (especially after the first major uniform overhaul) - I dunno, I always thought of the Kirk-era (as Kirk): as... being... too... cheesy!  Must... go... towards... the LIGHT! sorry. I must admit, I liked Enterprise too: no accounting for taste, I suppose!
Posted 11 years ago
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