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Posted 5 months ago
Move Over External Hard Drives, NAS is Here!
Network Attached Storage isn't new, but it's become affordable, and it has many advantages over the external hard drive. The NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is a lot like an external hard drive and connect similar to how network file servers connect. NAS devices are similar. They typically have a small, firmware-embedded Linux kernal, a web-hosted management interface, and support some number of hard drives.
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Posted 5 months ago
ObjectPAL Unary Operators

General Info: Unary Operator

An operation with only one operand (a single input). Common unary operators include + plus, - minus, and bitwise not. Some operators can function as both unary and binary operators. For example, + and - operators can serve as either.

Languages Focus: Unary Operators

What unary operators are supported in additoin to the standard plus, minus, and bitwise not.

ObjectPAL Unary Operators

The ObjectPAL unary operators are:
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