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Missing Page Header in Subreports
Hey:, , I have a master report that contains independent subreports (that have no data relationship to the master report - the master report serves as a 'shell'). , , My problem is when the master report is previewed or printed, the page headers in the subreports do not appear. I'm baffled because while in design view, when I select the properties for a subreport's pageheader, the visible property is 'true', yet it does not show., , Anybody have this happen or know how to force the pageheader within a subreport to show?, , (How do I reference a subreport pageheader in using VBA from the master report code?), , Thanks!
Posted to MB Topic: Access VBA Programming « Access Board
16 years ago

I don't know what you mean by the subreports appearing on one page, however in the event that professional writers open up the subreports in a seperate window and go to print review, they appear fitting in agreement size and introduction as the primary report.
11 months ago
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