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New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 1. RE: Paradox on Windows Server 2012
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
64 hours ago

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2. Lock on Paradox Link to Spreadsheet
I have Paradox 11 and Corel X6 with Quattro Pro. Within the spreadsheet I have several links to Paradox tables. Something got corrupted and the system crashed, leaving me unable to open the spreadsheet, From another work station I was able to open the spreadsheet files and disable the links, which now allows me to open the spreadsheet. But whenever I try to re-establish the links the spreadsheet locks up. Otherwise, everything works fine. I have reinstalled Quattro Pro, Paradox and BDE but that didn't help. The work station has Win 7/64 and have tried to restore the OS to an earlier point but the restore utility fails. I'm guessing that I will need to get the HD reformatted and reinstall the OS. Before I make that leap, has anyone seen anything similar or have any thoughts on how to make the DB-spreadsheet links work again.
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
33 months ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
3. Paradox on Windows Server 2012
We migrated from using a run of the mill Windows XP box as a server to Windows Server 2012; one of the applications we use is a simple 3 table database which stopped working the moment the files were being accessed from the new server. We could see data but trying to add anything would result in a Lock Time Out error. I discovered that if I remove Referential Integrity from the detail table structure, and just assign it through the data model on the form, everything works. Would it be OK to leave it like that? or would it be somehow dangerous for the integrity of the data? Could the problem have come from some setting on the server? The person who installed the server for us doesn't think so but I'm not sure he is as familiar with Windows 2012 Server as I thought. For the time being I will be monitoring the data and checking that nothing is lost. Any suggestions? Thanks
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
37 months ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
4. too long file name, tables won't open
my problem of being unable to open tables because the file name is too long for a version 5 table - I've read in one of my texts that the later versions support long file names.  All I want to do is open the tables.  Since I've had no reply to a way to change the cumulative pathways, could there be another option?  Is there a way to change the tables from the earlier version that doesn't support long file names to my later version 11 Paradox.  Lacking a way to do this the  easy way (I couldn't find anything in the literature to do this, i.e. changing the table version), would it be possible to find out exactly the original paradox version of the table, copy the table to that version so it would open.  Then would there be a way to import the table data to a table constructed under the new version (the design duplicated from the table opened in the earlier non-long file name version).
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Tables  « Paradox Board
40 months ago

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5. Paradox on Remote App Server / Remote Desktop
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
6 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
6. access violation error
Any ideas on how to resolve this error when clicking on the table lookup tab in the table info dialogue?  Running Win XP Service Pak 2, and Paradox Access violation at address 00A7F6AC in module 'PXDCRT32.dll'. Read of address 00000000.
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
9 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
7. Am I the only one?
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Tech Writing  « Tech Writer Board
10 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
8. Arrays in Java
Can someone please help - I need to find out if arrays in Java of fixed size, with the size determined at:-, , Compile time or Run time.....?
Posted to MB Topic: Java News / Other  « Java Board
12 years ago

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9. Problem trying to insert 10,000 records under Red
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Interbase  « DBA Board
13 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
10. BDE Configuration
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Object PASCAL  « Delphi Board
14 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
11. Finding work in a down market
As a result of an extended discussion in the H1B thread, I suggested that we start a new topic on brainstorming ideas for finding work in the current market. This includes job hunting tips as well as ideas for software products to develop or software services to offer., , The idea is to have everyone throw out as many ideas as possible with the intention that those who are out of work grab any useful ones and use them to get a job, get a contract with a user, or start developing a product to sell. Any of these are better than sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring!, , So, everyone, if you have any ideas that you are willing to share, please pitch them in now!
Posted to MB Topic: H-1B Discussion  « AmericanIT Board
15 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
12. SSTab, TabStrip, or Multipage
I am very much a beginner. I need to use one of the above components, but none of them do what I want. I know you can change the background color behind the tabs. I know you can change the text color by changing the foreground property. Is there any way to change the color of each individual tab/page? The color is currently a drab gray. I think a different color for each tab page would help the user recognize which tab is currently active. Thanks for the help!
15 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
13. Findfirst File extensions oddity?
Can anybody please explain why Findfirst, when searching for *.htm will also find .html etc. and what please is the workaround. Was this designed for dos only when there were only three letters?, The real problem is that many web sites include duplicate files one for each of the extensions. Passing the output of Findfirst to a Stringlist with duplicates trapped will not of course solve the problem., Hopefully thanks., Don Roll Eyes
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Object PASCAL  « Delphi Board
15 years ago

Don Simmonds
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
14. I'm new here
Hello everyone. This is the first forum I have ever joined. I'm an accounting/finance type who started doing a lot of programming in Microsoft Access. People call me an expert, but my definition of an expert is anyone who knows a little more than you do., , Originally I wrote applications for myself, so I didn't have to worry about the user-friendliness. I would write queries to extract the information I needed at the time. However, I am now writing Access Applications for other departments and have to make them very user-friendly. Everything has to be automatic, therefore, i must utilize macros, etc and create user friendly forms. That is where my problems begin and I hope I can find solutions within this group., , I'll offer any help I can, but don't expect much of me at first., , Be talking to you., , Jocat
Posted to MB Topic: Member Introductions  « PrestwoodBoards Board
16 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
15. TCursor Closing Automation
{Too Long!}
Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
16 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
16. TIdTCPServer form Indy - Bind
Hello,, , I am trying to build a TCP server with the TIdTCPServer component from INDY. I want to use the BIND property , but It does not seem to work. , , I am using a file containing IP addresses which I want to bind. , , My code looks like this:, , while not Eof(lh_config) do, begin, readln(lh_config, ls_line); , TelnetServer.Bindings.Add;, TelnetServer.Bindings.Item[i].IP :=ls_line;, TelnetServer.Bindings.Items[i].Port := , StrToInt(gb_TELNETPort);, TelnetServer.Bindings.Items , [i].AllocateSocket(3,255); , TelenetServer.Bindings.Items, [i].Bind , inc(i);, end;, , when it tries to execute the bind procedure it outputs an error 10038 and closes the connection., , What am I doing wrong?, , Thank you in advance,, , Katerina
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Internet Solutions  « Delphi Board
16 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
17. Using Visual Basic 6 to connect with Interbase
Delphi with Interbase I have mastered but I have been asked to write a VB6 front end to address an existing Interbase database. Bought a copy of VB6 and several books ~ spent many hours studying the limited information available ( none relating to Interbase )and trying to write a coded connection without success. I would be most grateful if someone could end my frustration by providing the solution.
Posted to MB Topic: VB Classic Database Tasks  « VB Classic Board
16 years ago

Peter Buckthorp
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
18. PARADOX 4.5 for DOS on WIN2K
Sadily we are still running a legacy application that requires PDOX45. Honestly I don't mind since I really love this version. Here is the hitch: I upgraded a workstation to WIN 2000 and now I can't get pdox to run. My command line is f:\pdox45\paradox.exe -extk 16000 -net f:\system\pdox45\ Which has worked just fine for all other W95, W98 and WMe machines but under W2K I get the following error message: Can't Start PARADOX: no directory specified for PDOXUSRS.NET, , Any ideas?
Posted to MB Topic: Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.  « Paradox Board
16 years ago

Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
19. Help: Removing the SQL cursor
Does anyone know how to remove the SQL mouse cursor when accessing the BDE?
Posted to MB Topic: Delphi News / Other  « Delphi Board
16 years ago

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