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Problem trying to insert 10,000 records under Red
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Posted to MB Topic: Interbase
13 years ago
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Ritche M
Unknown Function: substring?
i don't know why SUBSTRING is an unknown function when i make a select statement in SQL Explorer., , ex: select SUBSTRING("borland" from 4 to 4) from TABLE1, , error is either: unknown function or, invalid token "from", , Please help...
Posted to MB Topic: Interbase
14 years ago
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Posted to MB Topic: DB Other & Misc.
18 months ago
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Delphi 6 and Toraclequery.
hi.. I am still a beginner in the delphi programming. so I am just wondering if anyone can help me with a problem that I have. I am current using DOA(Direct Oracle Access), by using that I want to get a procedure that are in the oracle server and use it in my program. I have use the TOraclePackage and in it there is a component "callprocedure" and "callFunction" well I know how to use them and all.. but I am having great trouble of declaring them. , I also have use the TOracleQuery, but it is the declara in the SQL editor that annoying me. coz it gave me error message and etc. so if u can help me with the SQL declare and that will be great., , , thx in advance, Billy
Posted to MB Topic: Oracle
15 years ago
1 Reply:

wow 13 years and nobody help you, I have the same problem, I´m fresh on delphi programming.  Regards! --- Dulce
30 months ago
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Mike Prestwood
Download InterBase 6.01 and Related Tools
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Posted to MB Topic: Interbase
17 years ago
1 Reply:

40 months ago
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Wes Peterson
1. Granting Execute Permissions for Stored Procedures

Need to grant EXECUTE permission to a low-permission user for all the Stored Procedures in your database?

The code in this article will do the trick for you.

Posted to KB Topic: Microsoft SQL Server
41 months ago
(2 Comments , last by mcalsky.m )

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Bryan Valencia
2. Easy SQL Server Backup Script

Learn how to make an easy SQL Server Script that will automatically back up all your databases in a simple way.

Posted to KB Topic: Microsoft SQL Server
54 months ago
(1 Comments , last by Theessay.S )


KB Post
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Wes Peterson
3. SQL Server Nasty Crash - Vault?

The installation of the SourceGear Vault client control appears to trash SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio.

Here's the fix that worked for me.

Posted to KB Topic: SQL Servers
6 years ago

KB Post
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Bryan Valencia
4. General SQL Optimization Tips

In this article, you will be shown a few generic methods to optimize your SQL queries.  This information is not database-specific (other than in a few places) and should apply to any SQL based database.

Posted to KB Topic: SQL Servers
7 years ago

KB Post
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