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Urgent help needed to setup Network
Good day., , I need some help urgently!, , I need to setup I network with one normal dailup internet connection and then there must be 3 network points. , , The 3 network points are for people with laptops that work for magazine company's. There's going to be about 20 laptops, but only 3 laptops are going to connect to the internet at the same time. , , I need some help on how I need to setup the network,what hardware/software I need,what the settings must be ,If I need to use the router and if I need to change settings on the laptops. , , I would appreciate it if you could tell me exactly what needs to be done and what the settings must be!!!, , Thank you!, , please e-mail me the router manual and the drivers for the router as soon as possible!!!!
14 years ago
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9 months ago
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Knowledge Web Publishing
{Too Long!}
11 years ago
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{Too Long!}
11 years ago
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HD or Blue Ray DVD
At my company, we need to archive large volumes of data - more than can be put on a standard DVD.  I hear that HD and Blue Ray DVDs offer more capacity.  What's the difference?
11 years ago
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{Too Long!}
11 years ago
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David Peacock
MSXML Parser Support
I'm developing an application in BCB6 in which I am storing application data in XML form. The read/write access requirements of the application are very simple (local disk access, uncomplicated data)., , I am taking advantage of the availability of the TXMLDocument/IXMLDocument interface to the MSXML parser and this works great on most machines (but not all). I seem to have difficulty successfully installing the MSXML parser on particular machines (MSXML, MSXML2, MSXML3)., , In cases where the parser has been installed properly, calling the 'LoadFromFile' method throws an EAccessViolation for reasons that are difficult to determine., , I cannot find much information that is either useful or relevent on the subject., , Has anyone had similar experiences with this sort of problem ? Is there a suitable alternative to the MSXML parser ?
16 years ago
4 replies. Last post:

Thanks for your help Sandman., , Since then I have written a C++ object to read/write my simple XML files. I created a series of classes to mimic the operation of TXMLDocument and then plugged it all into my application replacing the MSXML stuff., , It worked like a treat, did not take long to write and I have not worried about the problem since. Besides, the overhead is much smaller., , Thanks again.
15 years ago
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What does it mean to be HIPAA compliant?
16 years ago
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16 years ago
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21 days ago

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2. Latest Microsoft 70-537 Practice Exam Questions 2018

Certificationssoul is among the largest online learning marketplace. We are renowned for the quality of training material for any tech exam. You will master new skills, and achieve your goal in a correct manner. In today’s internet driven world, it is feasible for anyone to access the course material online. If you are a working professional, or a housewife, or a student; the availability of online content will help you utilise your time for the Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack 70-537 dumps questions and answers.

6 months ago

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3. How I Use One Computer Business to Develop Another within the Same Company

This article discusses how I leverage my PC troubleshooting business to help me select the right kind of software design business so I only work for the right people.

Posted to KB Topic: Computer Industry
10 months ago
(1 Comments , last by William.B2 )

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4. Let Google Trends Be Your Guide to Better Keyword Selection for SEO

This article discusses using “Google Trends” to select positively trending keyword phrases to optimize your web pages with. It removes a lot of the guess work from SEO.

Posted to KB Topic: Computer Industry
10 months ago

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