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What is more important- Quality Work or Natinality
Hi All,       My question is very simple. In our Software industry, what is more important- Quality Work or Natinality. If we all agreed on Quality work then why we are fighting on this H1-B issue?
Posted to MB Topic: Offshoring Discussion
9 years ago
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Hi there, my name is Eva Wi

Hi there, my name is Eva Wilson. I've been working for over 20 years in IT sector, as Project Manager, Team Leader and focused mainly in areas of IT services, e-Learning and consulting and now a days i am working for finance assignment writing help.
Posted to MB Topic: H-1B Discussion
6 months ago
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Larry Drews
Finding work in a down market
As a result of an extended discussion in the H1B thread, I suggested that we start a new topic on brainstorming ideas for finding work in the current market. This includes job hunting tips as well as ideas for software products to develop or software services to offer., , The idea is to have everyone throw out as many ideas as possible with the intention that those who are out of work grab any useful ones and use them to get a job, get a contract with a user, or start developing a product to sell. Any of these are better than sitting by the phone waiting for it to ring!, , So, everyone, if you have any ideas that you are willing to share, please pitch them in now!
Posted to MB Topic: H-1B Discussion
16 years ago
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Mike Prestwood
With our economy, do we still need H-1B?
With the downturn in the economy and so many people out of work, do we really still need the H-1B program? If the H-1B program is really intended to fill in the gaps, do we still have gaps? Kim Berry posted the following article discussing related issues:
  • Will Sep 29 'Black Monday' stem the call for more H-1b programmers?
  • What are your thoughts?
    Posted to MB Topic: H-1B Discussion
    10 years ago
    1 Reply:

    I was watching an interview with Bill Gates this weekend on CNN and he essentially made the argument that bringing in H-1B developers is a way of importing talent. He made a good argument for that and made me think. I still think there should be a better way than the current H-1B program though. Did anyone else see the CNN Bill Gates interview?
    10 years ago
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    Mike Prestwood
    H-1B Lobbyist OUT OF CONTROL!!!
    {Too Long!}
    Posted to MB Topic: H-1B Discussion
    10 years ago
    2 replies. Last post:

    I just found out that last year after I was terminated for "Budgetary reasons" I was immediately replace with an H1b Worker.  I was a Paratransit Engineer for Outreach and Escort in San Jose California. On top of that one of my friends was part of the conspiracy as he is from Canada on a H1b Visa. It really is a shameful thing that they have done. We let them do it to us.
    10 years ago
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    Kim Berry
    1. Programmers Guild now on Facebook

    The Programmers Guild has launched a Facebook page to keep members and fans current with news stories and legislation that impacts our careers. Become a "Fan" today!

    9 years ago, and updated 8 years ago
    (2 Comments , last by Bela.A )

    KB Post
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    Mike Prestwood
    2. H-1B Specialized Skill

    Do H-1B workers have to have a specialized skill?

    9 years ago
    (1 Comments , last by Kate.B2 )

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    Mike Prestwood
    3. Employers Pay for H-1B

    Do employers have to pay to hire an H-1B worker?

    9 years ago

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    Mike Prestwood
    4. American-based Anti Adware

    Which anti-adware/anti-malware products are made by American-based companies?

    Posted to KB Topic: American-Based Companies
    9 years ago
    (8 Comments , last by fugolegat.1 )

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