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    Water-Cooler Category

    For everybody: managers, users, power-users, engineers, etc.

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    Just Conversation112479
    FitSewing ?
    {Too Long!}
    Member Introductions104220
    Akarsh Sagi
    {Too Long!}
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    H-1B Discussion680?No Subject!
    Offshoring Discussion316
    Best Online Business
    {Too Long!}
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Computer Industry News & Trends924?No Subject!
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Linux Coding - General23
    Active Server Pages for Linux
    How can you tell which is the best product from the list on this site?
    Linux End-User515
    Server and storage connection.
    {Too Long!}
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    Website Promotion48?No Subject!
    WWW Website Owners937?No Subject!
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Windows 8, 8.1, and 1032?No Subject!
    Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, XP2362
    Paradox v1 for windows
    {Too Long!}
    Windows Vista and Windows 7315?No Subject!

    IT Professionals Category

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    Traditional Analysis23
    Assignment Help
    Cheap Assignment Help
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    Unified Modeling Language (UML)24
    UML in Rational Rose
    Hi, i am new to the community so forgive any faux pas., I am building my first UML model in Rational rose and need help in depicting events handling. Particulary, i have a COM server that supports several events that can be handled in scripts within its environment. How do i denote these in class/object format? Do i show them as functions ebing implemented by my separate class?, thanks
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Coding Techniques736
    Assignment Help
    Assignment Help
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    General .Net Concepts312
    RE: Please Read - .aspx website wi
    Well, inning accordance with me there is second Cheat Engine Download APK for Android | 2017 Latest v6.5.2 Cheat Engine Apk finish every one of your dream.
    Object Orientation (OO)416
    RE: Windows 10 BDE Lck issue
    I have disabled cache on both the ssd and hdd. Moving all directories to one or the other has no effect on the problem.
    Palm OS Developement39
    Langley McKelvy
    ROM Files
    Anyone have a Handspring Visor Deluxe ROM File? I have the USB cradle and can't get mine with out the hassle of faxing Handspring.
    Pocket PC / Win CE Development616?No Subject!
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    DB Other & Misc.1534

    RE: Is InterBase The Best Choice ?
    Advanced filters for check outcomes. Game Guardian APK Download App – latest Version of 2017 [No Root] If you want to learn how to make your own trainers and scripts for Android games.
    MS SQL2753
    Cannot see fields in MS SQL tables in Paradox
    I am attempting to convert a Paradox database into MS SQL back end using Paradox 10 as a front end. I can now connect to MS SQL 2008 Server Express and see tables in the Paradox data model but when I double click them I just get the SQL hourglass and that is it - none of the fields appear for selection (my dummy tables contain char(10) fields).  Has anyone else seen this?
    Homework Help
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    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Mike Prestwood
    PCC: Style Sheet Standards
    {Too Long!}
    Project Management / Other26?No Subject!
    PSDP1745?No Subject!
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Net Admin: Hardware13?No Subject!
    Net Admin: Software25
    RE: Leadership Assignment
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Tech Writing2034
    Karen Mount
    helpful tips to write the best content for a wiki
    {Too Long!}
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Testing10?No Subject!

    Desktop Databases Category

    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Paradox Setup, Vista, etc.118589
    RE: Printing in Windows10
    file/open the library program/compile file/save simple, and nothing will change.. but.. if the forms scripts and reports are all delivered (fdl not fsl, rdl not rsl, etc), you have to recompile EVERYTHING
    Paradox Tables76330
    RE: Table Corruption
    {Too Long!}
    Paradox Forms110464
    RE: using alias to oracle, datamod
    ... a brief update for anyone else encountering this issue: with ODBC against MySQL, I was able to address the error by creating the primary keys on the MySQL tables used in the data model of the form using the following DDL: ALTER TABLE `tablename` ADD CONSTRAINT `tablename` PRIMARY KEY (`Primary_Key_Field_Name`) ... where tablename is the name of the paradox table that was migrated to the new back end with the name preserved. YMMV (particularly against other back-end DB’s). Best, John
    Paradox Reports49211
    RE: data threshold on reports?
    > A lot of human intervention. High margin for error.  yes.. welcome to the wonderful world of self-made apps.. I've been cleaning up behind folks for almost 30 years (sigh) when different query parameters on the same table sometimes work / sometimes fail, it usually just means the indexes for that table are hosed.. only a temporary show-stopper, once you know how to deal with it Alison said you called last night, I'll try to call you back this afternoon
    QBE & SQL51200
    RE: Strange errors with :priv: rep
    if the path name is too long, doesn't matter which way you shorten it.. the printer name, you are best to actually be a shared printer, and shorten the network name
    Application Framework1242?No Subject!
    RE: Export All Custom ObjectPal Co
     Thank you, Steven, that's awesome.  Of course I feel stupid that the capability is built in to the language itself and I didn't find it.  I was looking for it in the ui, but alas, it was burried in the 1000+ pages of paper manuals I got (and still have) w/ Borland Paradox For Windows in '93.  Ah those were the days ;-)
    Paradox for Linux1036
    RE: Paradox and linux
    {Too Long!}
    Paradox Third Party Books & Documentation946
    New Paradox User

    Help!!!  I am a new Paradox user and I am not a programmer or a techie.  I've been working here for 6 months and have been able to figure out how to create basic forms and reports but I'm trying to find training or manuals that will get me to the next level.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.

    Paradox Third Party Software, DLLs, and Controls3088
    Jose Brinkmann
    RE: ProView
    Hello, just copy the file VMPM1.dll to the system32 folder in your windows directory and it should work. Many thanks, Jose
    Paradox to/from Other Data Sources75279
    RE: PDOX11 over MSSQL (ODBC) - Sch
    > The real surprise has been just how much has worked without major re-factoring < that is VERY cool
    Paradox Web Stuff48170
    RE: Paradox using JSON
    yes, we know Paradox well.. I am not sure if any of the Paradox folks here are familiar with JSON, too.. me, no and, of course, we know nothing about your app and/or your requirements what does the source data look like, and wht import problems are you having?
    Paradox Graphs & Charts1365?No Subject!
    Paradox Runtime & Distribution47174?No Subject!
    Convert To/From Paradox1549?No Subject!
    Paradox for DOS1372?No Subject!
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    Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP)620
    FoxPro Tables
    I am looking for some help to convert MySql tables into FoxPro. In particular a large memo field in the last column continues to word wrap into the next row.  Would like to strip returns, ^l, , " etc before creating table.
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    MS Access Interactive100230
    RE: TimeStamp
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    Access VBA Programming104250
    RE: Reading Paradox tables from Ac
    {Too Long!}
    Access News / Other4999?No Subject!

    Website Scripting Category

    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    ASP Classic - Handling Data950
    RE: ODBC Join tables
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    ASP Classic and Third Party Controls636
    ASPMail and Exchange Server 2000
    I have a question on ASPMail. I want to know if it can coexist with Exchange Server 2000. Currently I use Cdonts for Emails being sent out from our web site but Cdonts do not coexist with Exchange server 2000. Cdont Coexist only with the upgraded version of Exchange 2000 from Exchange 5.5, Now we are installing Exchange 2000 on our server without the upgrade and want to use ASPMail. So i want to know if it can peacefully coexist with Exchange 2000 Server?, , Thanks,, Mallika
    ASP Classic Coding2057
    Kill Session(s) from Application
    Hi there. I need to clear groups of sessions to force-logout groups of users. Can I get a collection of sessions at Application level and abandon them from there? Any help much appreciated, thank you! Craig.
    ASP Classic Setup & Configuration412
    Assignment Help
    Assignment Help
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    Prestwood ASPSuite (All modules)12
    In the eStore, how do you integrate credit cards?
    In the Prestwood eStore, how do you integrate credit cards?
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Macromedia Flash12
    Macromedia Flash
    {Too Long!}
    Website Design HTML, XML, CSS, Graphics2672
    Assignment Help
    My Assignment Help
    My Assignment Help provides : Assignment Help Australia | Leadership Assignment | Case Study Help | MyAssignmenthelp | Finance Assignment Help | Online Assignment Help | Assignment Help Sydney Get Assignment Help from World’s No.1 Assignment Help Company My Assignment Help
    Website Hosting511
    Mike Prestwood
    Paradox Web Hosting
    {Too Long!}
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Ajax anyone
    {Too Long!}
    JavaScript1337?No Subject!
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    How to flow Diagram an existing Perl script
    i want a tool for perl script for reengineering. Specifically, how to flow Diagram an existing Perl script.
    (Edited/cleaned up and moved from knowledge base.)
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    PHP connecting through ODBC for Paradox table(.db)
    {Too Long!}

    General Dev Tools Category

    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    C Language24
    C Chat Server for Borland?
    I have been looking for a few weeks now for a chatserver example in C and can't find one that works for BCB 5.5.  I can find C++ servers but none that are in C that actually works for BCB.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  I wish to connect a database to a console program, but would like the code to be C based and not C++ ( I hear it is faster in regular ansi C).  Thank you in advance!
    C++/CLI10?No Subject!
    Standard C++12
    class that should not be inherited.
    How to write the class such that it should not be inherited by other class.
    Visual C++13
    RE: Visuall C++
    visual c++ or dev c ++ is a compiler that supports many properties that are not supported in c compiler. You can download the compiler from . If you are using c compiler then you can not code of template that you can do it on dev c++.
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    C# & WebForms (ASP.Net)10
    Please Read - .aspx website with .asp code in it.
    My entire website is written in .aspx, i have a voting poll that a friend made for me that was written in .asp, I have been trying to research on the internet on how exactly to get my .asp voting poll on my .aspx site. Do any of you .aspx gurus out there know a site with information that could help me get started in the right direction on how i can get this working correctly? Any help is appreciated, thank you very much.
    C# & WinForms1124
    Am I to understand correctly that Attributes can omit the word Attribute when they are referenced? I.E. Although WebMethod is used all the time the correct name of the class really is WebMethodAttribute? This seems a little useless.
    VS.Net General & Other1726
    Trying to read Paradox 7 table in c#
    {Too Long!}
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    RE: BDE GetConfigParams Block Size
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    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Delphi COM / ActiveX / DCOM2455?No Subject!
    Delphi Distributed Apps52125

    It’s an amazing piece

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    Delphi Internet Solutions4999
    RE: TIdTCPServer form Indy - Bind
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    Delphi News / Other102279
    Bob S.
    Database Desktop on Windows 10
    I've been using Database Desktop for years to maintain Paradox tables in a Delphi development environment, but it now appears that DBD doesn't work on Windows 10 for build 1703 or later.  Is there an updated DBD that does work?  Or is there an alternative tool I can use?  I've found several tools that will let me view and modify the data in Paradox tables, but none that will let me modify the table structures.  Any suggestions?  I don't have Paradox for Windows, only Delphi.
    Delphi Object PASCAL100362?No Subject!
    Delphi Single User Apps101254
    Nice post.
    Oh, it's an old issue. I am still facing this problem but one of my friends asked me to visit different edubirdie com sites to get some relevant blog on it. Let's see.
    Delphi User Groups67

    Apk free download is someth

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    Delphi VCL68187?No Subject!
    Kylix (Archive)1035
    Suse 9.1 and Kylix 3
    I recently installed Kylix 3 on a new Suse 9.1 machine. The install went fine, no problems or anything. When I click on the icon to start delphi, nothing happens. It looks as if it is strting, the task appears in the taskbar and the computer appears to be doing something, but then it dies. The task disappears from the task bar, and Delphi never loads. Any ideas what is causing this?
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    RE: ISO Accepts CORBA
    Java News / Other413
    just chainsaw
    {Too Long!}
    RE: Farsi in forms
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    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    Delphi Prism412
    Music classes in london
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    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    VB Classic Control Usage and Developing86175
    RE: How can I use CommonDialog whe
    Exactly what the musically application has to do with why musical.Ly Sign In the application is totally free to earn use. The application is easily offered.
    VB Classic Database Tasks74161
    RE: Error :: SQL Server Backup & R
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    VB Classic Other100211
    RE: VB Experience site
    TopicThreadsPostsLast Active Thread 
    VB.Net Coding614
    Editing pdf files with VB or
    I want to edit the text boxes and check boxes in PDF files with VB, using data from a database and user input. What methods or tools would you suggest? Is there a straightforward way to find the location (address or position in the pdf file) of standard objects in a pdf file? Thank You! Bill
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