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BDE GetConfigParams Block Size

BDE GetConfigParams Block Size in C++Builder topic (part of our C++ group).

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Hi All,

I've been having some fun trying to change the BDE 'block size' during run time. I need to generate large answer tables and I don't want to drag every user though the BDE Administrator. I have no access to their machines other than my software. I like the idea of only modifying the settings when my program is running instead of changing their idapi.cfg file.

 "rptSession" is a TSession component in the below example.

TStringList* tsl = new TStringList();


I can compile, and no matter what permutation of path I dictate, the engine can't find the parameter that I specify.

I want to read the current block size, then modify it while the session is active.

Thanks in Advance!

Jim Shedden

 Posted 6 years ago (Thread Starter)
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