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Webifying Paradox applications (JPDox, ActiveX Control, Paradox Web Server).
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Migrating to Windows Server2008
Been using paradox ocx as web server for over 10 yrs on server with windows server 2003(?).  Recently purchased new server.  Have Windows Server 2008 on it.  Migrated entire data and web info from old to new.  Cleaned up and tested all web pages on new server using localhost.  localhost:8081 hits paradox ocx and creates web pages perfectly. Now trying to webname:8081 to hit paradox and not working.  Probably bad description, I'm no good on the server side. Any ideas.  Why does local host see the 8081 port in the ocx but not the webname:8081? Help
7 years ago
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Show Real Client IP behind Proxy Server
{Too Long!}
7 years ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit

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