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Arrays in Java
Can someone please help - I need to find out if arrays in Java of fixed size, with the size determined at:-, , Compile time or Run time.....?
11 years ago
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Hi Maureen,, Java arrays are not created when you declare them. Arrays declared as members are initialized to null but array references declared in methods are not initialized. Either way, you allocate memory for them at runtime. For example:, int arrSize = 100;, String[] myArray = new String[arrSize];and, String[] oneDimArray = { "abc","def","xyz" };
11 years ago
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Sun Certification
Hi all,, , I am planning to take up Sun Certified Web Component Developer certification. Can you suggest me some sites where I can find sample papers and materials to learn. Please give me sites other than Sun's Education portal., , Thanks.
14 years ago
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{Too Long!}
14 years ago
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