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Technical writing including grammar, style, formatting, help file creation, manual creation, requirements, etc.

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Is ghost writing a real thing to do?
What does a ghost writer suppose to write about? I have across this term on the internet, and I’m amazed to see that. I don’t even know if this a real thing. Can someone help me understand what the job description of becoming a ghost writer is? What are the job requirements to become a good ghost writer? I’m really looking forward to the answers. I’m a writer myself, and I write small blogs and articles and get them published on different websites that allow guest posts. I’m seeking for a way to get paid using my writing skills.
4 days ago
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5 points for a Successful Ghostwriting career?
There are hundreds of ghostwriters who want to become successful but cannot figure out ways to find a successful lead-in Ghostwriting, this is because people are unaware of these 5 facts about becoming a successful ghostwriter. The points are discussed below.
  • Target your audience: there are several types of readers out there in market, you need to pick what people you are targeting for your creativity of ideas, and who are they, for whom you need to write. For instance, I write blogs related to I.T, so my targeted audience is I.T professionals.
  • Calculate your writing speed: it is necessary to know how many words you can write in an hour and how much work you can pull through a day.
  • Pitch: once you are done doing above two points, create a package bundle of your work and make sure you price it rightly, not so low neither too high but just as according to your work.
  • What do you think of these tips?
    12 days ago
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    Mike Prestwood
    Couple New Articles
    {Too Long!}
    9 years ago
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    Amelia Swift
    Using writing to earn money on the internet
    Internet provides great opportunities for students to earn money on the internet. If you have the best writing skills and complete grip on academic work, then you can get hired by professional and top companies like Assignment Mode and start making really good money on the internet. All you have to do is have versatile writing skills and timely delivery of great quality content for the company you work for over the internet.
    12 months ago
    2 replies. Last post:

    During my career, I have come across many strategies to earn money online but the most beneficial has been registering on my assignment help websites. These allow good research writers prepare academic content and pay highly for the services. so I recommend online homework help websites as a good place to earn money from writing on the internet.
    86 days ago
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    Am I the only one?
    {Too Long!}
    11 years ago
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