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Linux Coding - General Topic

General Linux coding and advanced end-user Q&A.

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Active Server Pages for Linux
How can you tell which is the best product from the list on this site? https://musicalbuzz.com/best-classical-guitars/
4 days ago
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Casey Hughlett
Active Server Pages for Linux
Chili!Soft ASP purports to provide ASP functionality in a Linux environment. Has anyone tried this product? Perhaps it is possible to create an ASP-enabled web server using Paradox..., [URL=http://www.chilisoft.com]Chili!Soft home page[/URL]
18 years ago
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I don't have any experience with this particular product, but I did find the following review:, , [URL=http://www.15seconds.com/Issue/990304.htm]www.15seconds.com/Issue/990304.htm[/URL], , The review seems favorable and the most pertinent phrase for me was, "There is little difference between IIS ASP and Chili!ASP...".
18 years ago
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