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ASP Classic Setup & Configuration Topic

Including IIS setup issues, ASP on Apache, Linux, etc.

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Coding ASP Classic on Linux
Hello all, First, I should let you know that I am not an experienced ASP coder and, honestly, don't have lots of experience with Microsoft products.  I've been using Unix for more than 20 years and Linux for about 10 years.  Most of my programming experience is with Perl and Python. I just landed a new client that needs some code work on their current online training that they offer.  It's written in ASP Classic and running on a Postgresql back-end.  I don't have experience with ASP Classic but can pick-up on the language relatively quickly (I think).  I will do the work on a Windows XP box if I have to but would prefer to do the coding one of my Linux boxes, if possible.  Does anyone know if this is even possible? Thanks for your help.
10 years ago
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91 days ago
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Asp on windows XP
I develop on windows 2000 and just migrated to XP pro. I was able to enable IIS but it seems not to be able run data driven web applications. the web app does not connect to the database
10 years ago
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I can confirm that what you are trying to do can be done (I do that all the time). What are you trying to connect to? Also, can you connect to that database on your new computer from something other than ASP? Finally, show me your connect string and I'll take a look.
10 years ago
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IIS On Windows XP
I'm used to developing on Windows 2000 and recently I finally upgraded to Windows XP Home edition. Does XP come with IIS? I do much ASP development and I like to develop all on my box and do not wish to set up a IIS server.
11 years ago
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11 years ago
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