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    New?   Title Created By For...
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 1. Comment about Disable Unused Windows Services
    thanks.it not give too much impact on performance.but,must be trying. several list is same to windows 10.--- win10 user
    Posted to KB Topic: Win Users  « Windows KB
    5 days ago, Updated 5 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 2. Comment about Add Audit Fields
    Hello When creating CreateTimeStamp, Can the EmployeeId field be auto populated by the network user name?
    Posted to KB Topic: Interactive Paradox: Using Data  « Paradox KB
    9 days ago, Updated 9 days ago by

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
    3. Changing the formula of a Calculate field via code
    Does anyone know how to change the formula of a calculated field through code? I was hoping it was a property that I code adjust, but I haven't been able to find it. There's a true/false "calculatedField" property but I haven't found the actual formula. The reason I am looking is I find formulas occasionally get dropped when taking forms in and out of design. Rather than check every formula each time I open the design of a form, I'd like to automate it so it checks itself.
    Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    16 days ago

    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 4. RE: BDE Configuration
    Hi! Yes, I am upgrading to Windows 10 from 7 Thanks for a quick answer. The problem is that I install the  BDE Seven from Coipus, unaware of BDE32. Probably I first installed a Vista version, which did not work and then the W7  version. They clashed and did not really wwork in this wcomputer. BDE7 works perfect in W7 in 2  other computers. The BDE path etc. poit to their library, which is removed. I have been seaching in vain for the place where the info program is picking up the BDE Config info. Torbjörn Alm
    Posted to MB Topic: Delphi Object PASCAL  « Delphi Board
    18 days ago

       5. RE: BDE Configuration...again! By owen.moore
       6. RE: BDE Configuration...again! By mprestwood
       7. RE: BDE Configuration...again! By Torbjorn.A
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 8. Comment about Off-shoring: You CAN fight back!
    {Too Long}
    Posted to KB Topic: Off Shoring  « AmericanIT KB
    52 days ago, Updated 52 days ago by

       9. Comment about Off-shoring: You CAN fight back!...again! By Anonymous
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 10. RE: Filebrowser & Files Types
    Hi A. I. Breveleri Thanks for your Reply! I had begun to Suspect I Could not do what I wanted with FileSystem & the FileSpec! So, I have begun Looking into Using Win API, One because of the Filspec Limitation and 2 Because I understand there are issue's with Resource Leaks (Just Found out about that One), in the Meantime your suggestion to use AdvMatch Sounds a good workaround in the meantime.  Many hanks your Reply!
    Posted to MB Topic: ObjectPAL  « Paradox Board
    72 days ago

       11. RE: Filebrowser & Files Types...again! By A. I. Breveleri
       12. RE: Filebrowser & Files Types...again! By gbash
       13. Filebrowser & Files Types...again! By gbash
    Nothing New Since Your Last Visit 14. Comment about What To Do When Your Paradox Data Table View Comes Up Black
    You are welcome!
    Posted to KB Topic: Paradox Tables  « Paradox KB
    78 days ago, Updated 78 days ago by

       15. Comment about What To Do When Your Paradox Data Table View Comes Up Black...again! By Anonymous
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