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Welcome power-users and I.T. professionals!
Our groups oriented community is for managers, users, and I.T. professionals. It is coded by me and I am constantly adding features. My goal is to provide the features you need to participate and find help. My hope is that you will hang your technical hat at PrestwoodBoards. We even offer free back-links for your company or website! I believe I understand what you want and need in an online tech community. If you have a suggestion, please contact me.

--Mike Prestwood

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1. Comment about An ObjectPAL Primer: Part 1
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2. Comment about OO/UML: Aggregation versus Composition
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Posted to KB Topic: Object Orientation (OO)  « Coder KB
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3. Comment about Creating content is like making cupcakes
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4. Comment about New Weekly Group Content
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5. RE: What is more important- Qualit
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Posted to MB Topic: Offshoring Discussion  « AmericanIT Board
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6. Comment about Education & Work Experience
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New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 7. Comment about Power: Chapter 01, The Paradox Development Environment
A paradox is something that appears to contradict itself or be contrary to common sense but might be true. The name applies well to the Paradox database development environment because it is very powerful, yet easy to learn and use. With Paradox, you can quickly prototype an application for a client and then turn the prototype into the full application; this is known as rapid application development (RAD). Paradox brings RAD development to a new height of simplicity and power. 500-701 exam dump
Posted to KB Topic: P9 Book: Power Programming  « Paradox KB
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New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 8. Comment about Microsoft Access 1.0 Released
It continued to improve right up to Access 2003, the last release of 'classic Access'.SY0-501 exam dump"}" data-sheets-userformat. SY0-501 exam dump
Posted to KB Topic: General, Presales, & Installation  « Access KB
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New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 9. Comment about ASP Classic Comments (' or REM)
ASP Classic comments are there to help you in Goldenslot Mobile and I think that people have done a lot of things in it in recent times. Please do something.
Posted to KB Topic: Tool Basics  « ASP Classic KB
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   11. Comment about An App Generator from Before They Had Modern Apps...again! By Ron.P
New Stuff Since Your Last Visit 12. Comment about A Tale Of Two PC Troubleshooting Customers
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