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ASPSuite: PSC ASP Framework

ASPSuite Area: PSC ASP Framework

Prestwood ASPSuite Framework

Prestwood IT Solutions can add custom member-only and dynamic content  to your site!

About ASPSuite

Includes our core module and the members module. You can easily add additional modules (see below for pricing). You can easily customize the look and feel through the HTML pages that start with "w_" and the included style sheet. NO ASP knowledge is required.

Key Features and Benefits
  • MS-SQL 2005 - Default installation is to MS-SQL 2005 for the highest level of security and stability.
  • Full Integration - ASPSuite can be used stand-alone or easily integrates into any existing web site.
  • Easily Customize - This product uses include pages so you can customize the content. All the pages that start with "w_" are webmaster content pages. No need to learn ASP, but a basic knowledge of HTML is helpful for modifying the include pages.

Available Modules

Start with the core module and one additional module below. Add additional modules at any time!

((( Select Module for more info. )))    
ASPSuite Core Module
The core module includes:
-Core Module
-Members Module
When you need another module, adding takes only minutes.

Members Module
Manage members. Add, edit, remove, reset passwords, etc. Included FREE with ASPSuite core module.

Online e-Commerce! Add a powerful online store front to your web site (inventory control, put items on sale, allow back orders on certain items, etc.)
Private Areas Module
Manage member-only private areas. All members, assign members, auto-assign members. Very powerful!
Knowledge Base
Add an online knowledge base to your site. Installs in minutes!
Resume Database
Add an online resume database to your site. Installs in minutes!
Jobs Database
Add an online jobs database. Allows us visitors to check the status of jobs they've posted.
Prestwood.com Mailing List
Prestwood.com RequestDB

Add powerful features to your web site! No ASP knowledge is necessary. Installation is easy and only takes minutes. Simply FTP the files to your ASP capable web server!

How to get Started

We can host and maintain your ASPSuite installation on the web for you. We become your webmaster at least as far as ASPSuite is concerned.


Although we are the webmaster for ASPSuite, you do have control of many aspects including look and feel.

  • Include Pages - This product uses include pages so you can customize the content. All the pages that start with "w_" are webmaster content pages. No need to learn ASP, but a basic knowledge of HTML is helpful for modifying the include pages.
  • Control Panel Ease - Through the control panel, you can configure, set options, and set language text for each module.
  • w_setup.inc - Each module contains a single w_setup.inc text file with 1 to 3 settings you must edit ONLY if you don't use the default recommended paths. VERY EASY INSTALLATION!
  • Cascading Style Sheet - Control color, fonts, etc. through the w_style.css style sheet

New Clients
Getting Started!  

$2,500 - includes core, member, and one module. Also includes installation and support.

Note Most customers have a few changes or additions they want. We can gather your special needs up front and give you a free custom quote or we can install the module of your choice and then let you tell us know what changes you want.

Optional Additional Prices
Domain Registration - $16 to $20 per year
This is your www.yourdomain.com URL. Required if you don't haven't reserved a name.

Website Hosting - $20 to $60 per month
Required if you don't currently have a website.

Changes and Additions - $92 per hour or fixed bid
Custom features and changes available on a fixed bid or a per hour basis. We provide free estimates.

!!! Contact Us !!!
FREE Estimate!

Tell us about your Member-based Website Need now.
Work with Mike Prestwood and our ASPSuite implementation team
to add member-based website features to your website for a fraction of custom built price.
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