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calculate image and download size
Hi, , , I was wondering if someone could provide some tips on how to write a java script code that would do the following: , - input an image number, resolution and size and calculates the amount of space the images will occupy on disk, when downloaded and the speed of download at different bit rates. , , , Confused
Posted to MB Topic: JavaScript « JavaScript Board
18 years ago

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29 months ago
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JavaScript and AJAX

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develop a case based reasoning
hi,, , could someone tell me how to develop a case based reasoning using VB and wht are the things to be considered in order to develop it? Confused , , thanks Roll Eyes
Posted to MB Topic: VB Classic Other « VB Classic Board
18 years ago

What the hell is a 'case based reasoning system'?!?!?!? Is this just a bit of logic that uses the select .... case statement?, , R Harvey
18 years ago
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Visual Basic Classic

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