We believe we understand what you want and need in an online community. Our goal is to provide the features you need to research, participate, show-off, find a job, or find help. Our hope is that you will hang your technical hat at Prestwood and participate in our many features. This online community was developed and is maintained by Prestwood IT Solutions. This custom community was written by Mike Prestwood from scratch. It contains NO third party web-apps. This allowed us to present a high-level of integrated features.

About Our Groups

Each group offers many features including a group specific search, message board, knowledge base articles (from tidbits to full articles), member blogs (multiple entry subjects), message board (Q&A), FAQ list, file library, and much more! For each group you join, you have your own group settings. You can choose to receive various group notifications such as new message board posts, new job postings, etc. Default is NO to all notifications. If you're interested in working on a task or job with Prestwood, you indicate that in each group's settings.

That's it! For types of content, browse around. Essentially we have Q&A style discussion with our message boards, tutorial or informational posts with our knowledge base, and member blogs. The knowledge base offers various types of posts and each type is integrated with your Profile, the appropriate group, and our monthly eMag (automatically).


  • Overview of all of the group's content.
  • Weekly content for each group changes every Monday at 1 AM.
  • You earn .25 points each day you visit.
  • Knowledge base tidbits (FAQ, tips, terms, resource links, and code snippets) show up in the group list pages.

The Prestwood Online Staff

President & CEO

Mike Prestwood
Mike has written 6 programming books, many articles, PSDP, and is the architect of ASPSuite.
Chief Tech Officer

Brian Prestwood
Brian is the chair of the Sacramento Visual Studio.Net user group and holds several MS certificates.
The Prestwood Staff

(Our Sacramento, CA Office)

Major Features

Community Groups
Available above on this page. Each group brings together it's content from all areas (message boards, knowledge base, tid-bits, study tests, to/from code guides, etc.). Highlights from all areas show on the group home page.

Weekly Lesson
Each group features a weekly lesson. Content changes every Monday @ 1AM!! Check back once per week. Learn! Review! Test Yourself!
Member-driven content. Read an article. If you've written an article, post it to our knowledge base for greater exposure.
Browse by post type...
Tidbit types (shorter sometimes with a full article)
Q&A! Get answers here and particpate in discussions online.
Cross reference encyclopedia showing syntax simularities between programming languages.

Sudy tests. Use for study and review. Hover over answers to reveal correct answer. Click the [Review] link to learn!

Our monthly email-only eMagazine sent direct to your email account and customized with content from up to 5 of our groups.

Monthly Lesson
Featuring a monthly lesson for each group selected. Learn! Review! Keep up!
Our online direct-connect service is 100% free to both the employer and employee. Post a job and contact prospective applicants directly. 100% free. Start a blog today!
More member pages...

For programmers our best PDA feature is the Latest Tips & Tidbits link featuring short content specially formatted for small and very small screens. Great for studying on the road.

If you're a client, check on your projects using our PDA version!

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Printed 6/16/2019