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C++ Coding Group

Welcome Guest!  This page is the C++ Group summary page (C++). C++ group focusing promarily on generic C++ and C++.Net (C++/CLI) as implemented in Microsoft Visual C++. Whenever possible, this group also touches on C++Builder as well as ISO C++98, ISO C++03, C++/CLI (ECMA-372), the upcoming C++0x (probably C++09), an

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C Language24
C Chat Server for Borland?
I have been looking for a few weeks now for a chatserver example in C and can't find one that works for BCB 5.5.  I can find C++ servers but none that are in C that actually works for BCB.  Can someone point me in the right direction?  I wish to connect a database to a console program, but would like the code to be C based and not C++ ( I hear it is faster in regular ansi C).  Thank you in advance!
C++/CLI10?No Subject!
Standard C++12
class that should not be inherited.
How to write the class such that it should not be inherited by other class.
Visual C++13
RE: Visuall C++
visual c++ or dev c ++ is a compiler that supports many properties that are not supported in c compiler. You can download the compiler from https://printerchatsupport.co.uk/dell-printer-support/ . If you are using c compiler then you can not code of template that you can do it on dev c++.
RE: BDE GetConfigParams Block Size
After the download of machine liker is total, click on the data to install it. machineliker This car Liker words quite basic, absolutely nothing complicated entailed below.

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