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VB Classic Coding Group

Welcome Guest!  This page is the VB Classic Group summary page (Visual Basic Classic). Visual Basic Classic group (primarily focusing on VB6 but all versions from 1-6 welcome).

VB Classic Content!

VB Classic Board
Posts =  604
Threads =  300
Unanswered =  15
Topics =  3

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Articles =  4
News =  1
Code =  34

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Topics =  49
Code =  660

Beg Q. =  2
Int Q. =  2
Adv Q. =  2

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Message board, knowledge base, article comments, blogs, news, etc.

VB Classic Message Board

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VB Classic Control Usage and Developing86175
RE: How can I use CommonDialog whe
Exactly what the musically application has to do with why musical.Ly Musical.ly Sign In the application is totally free to earn use. The application is easily offered.
32 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
VB Classic Database Tasks74162
RE: Data Environment Designer?
17 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
VB Classic Other101212

iosemus playbox

16 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit

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