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ASP Classic Coding Group

Welcome Guest!  This page is the ASP Classic Group summary page (ASP Classic Coding). This group focuses on ASP Classic, the versions of ASP prior to ASP.NET.

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ASP Classic - Handling Data950
RE: ODBC Join tables
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15 months ago
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ASP Classic and Third Party Controls636
ASPMail and Exchange Server 2000
I have a question on ASPMail. I want to know if it can coexist with Exchange Server 2000. Currently I use Cdonts for Emails being sent out from our web site but Cdonts do not coexist with Exchange server 2000. Cdont Coexist only with the upgraded version of Exchange 2000 from Exchange 5.5, Now we are installing Exchange 2000 on our server without the upgrade and want to use ASPMail. So i want to know if it can peacefully coexist with Exchange 2000 Server?, , Thanks,, Mallika
16 years ago
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ASP Classic Coding2057
Kill Session(s) from Application
Hi there. I need to clear groups of sessions to force-logout groups of users. Can I get a collection of sessions at Application level and abandon them from there? Any help much appreciated, thank you! Craig.
5 years ago
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ASP Classic Setup & Configuration513?No Subject!
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Prestwood ASPSuite (All modules)12
In the eStore, how do you integrate credit cards?
In the Prestwood eStore, how do you integrate credit cards?
16 years ago
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