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Welcome Guest!  This page is the DBA Group summary page (DBA, Databases, & Data). Databases are the focus of this group.

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DB Other & Misc.1534

35 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
RE: Is InterBase The Best Choice ?
Advanced filters for check outcomes. Game Guardian APK Download App – latest Version of 2017 [No Root] If you want to learn how to make your own trainers and scripts for Android games.
15 months ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
MS SQL2753
Cannot see fields in MS SQL tables in Paradox
I am attempting to convert a Paradox database into MS SQL back end using Paradox 10 as a front end. I can now connect to MS SQL 2008 Server Express and see tables in the Paradox data model but when I double click them I just get the SQL hourglass and that is it - none of the fields appear for selection (my dummy tables contain char(10) fields).  Has anyone else seen this?
9 years ago
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit
Oracle1019?No Subject!
Nothing New Since Your Last Visit

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