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Mike Prestwood
What type of analysis do you use?
I'm curious about what type of analysis others are using. Do you write up your requirements in a Word document? Do you use UML? Some tool? Do you write up requirements at all?
Posted to MB Topic: Traditional Analysis
10 years ago
1 Reply:

Boy Mike, that is a big question. How much detail do you want? The short answer is that I write up what my client wants and have them review it. Sometimes my write up is just an email for something small and easy. Sometimes I create a formal Word document. I rarely do diagrams but when appropriate, I do.
10 years ago
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UML in Rational Rose
Hi, i am new to the community so forgive any faux pas., I am building my first UML model in Rational rose and need help in depicting events handling. Particulary, i have a COM server that supports several events that can be handled in scripts within its environment. How do i denote these in class/object format? Do i show them as functions ebing implemented by my separate class?, thanks
17 years ago
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How much is UML used?
I'm just curious as to how many people out there are commited to using UML. I'm so tired of people scribbling something down and saying "Oh, it's just a little thing I made up". What percentage of people you know are using UML?
19 years ago
2 replies. Last post:

We use the UML extensively here at Prestwood Software. To be fair though, we also use other methods along with it. We tie it all together with our own methodology: Prestwood Software Deveopment Methodology (PSDM). If you're curious about how we do all this, [URL=http://prestwood.com/products/psdm/]click here[/URL] to download PSDM.
18 years ago
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