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Weekly ASP Classic Lesson

Week 32, Posted Monday 8/12/2019

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ASP Classic Yes/No Function

The following function demonstrates one technique for coding a Yes/No dropdown. It uses a for loop which can be expanded to handle more than the 3 states (Y, N, and blank).

Example of calling the function:

Do you fish? <%=YesNoDropDown("ynFish", "")%>
Function YesNoDropDown(strName, strSelected) 
 Dim i
 Dim strSelectedString
 Dim YesNoName
 Dim YesNoCode
 YesNoName = Array("Yes","No")  
 YesNoCode = Array("Y","N")
 YesNoDropDown = "<select name='" & strName & "'>" & vbcrlf
 YesNoDropDown = YesNoDropDown & "<option>" & "--" & "</option>"
 For i = 0 To UBound(YesNoName)  
  If strSelected = YesNoCode(i) Then    
   strSelectedString = "Selected"  
   strSelectedString = ""  
  End If          
  YesNoDropDown = YesNoDropDown & "<option value='" & YesNoCode(i) & "' " & _      
  strSelectedString & " >" & YesNoName(i) & "</option>" & vbcrlf 
 YesNoDropDown = YesNoDropDown & "</select>" & vbcrlf 
End Function

Posted By Mike Prestwood, Post #102169, KB Topic: ASP Classic
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