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Pascal and Delphi Coding Latest KB Comments

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Posted 24 days ago
Program or unit recursively uses itself
[DCC Fatal Error] Program or unit 'Buttons' recursively uses itself
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The "correct" way is to use BeginUpdate / EndUpdate regardless of the Sorted flag, even when adding multiple lines to a memo, eg. oStrings.BeginUpdate; try   for nLoop:=0 to 10000 do     oStrings.Add(IntToStr(nLoop)); finally   oStrings.EndUpdate; end; --- AzzaAzza69
Posted 43 months ago
TStringList - Maximizing Performance
Before adding many new entries to a TStringList, set its Sorted property to false. Add all your entries. Finally, set the Sorted property back to True (if desired). Sorting is expensive, in terms of macnine cycles. By leaving the Sorted property set to True, you force the TStingList to re-sort itself after each entry. This can significantly slow things down. This applies to TStrings, as well, and all components that have a TStrings property, like TListBox, etc.
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THanks for providing such a useful informations. --- Newp
Posted 45 months ago
Connection String Builder Component for Delphi
In its IDE, Delphi makes it easy for us to generate correct connection strings for database connections that require them. Unfortunately, Delphi doesnt offer the same convenience at run-time when our customers need it most! This article offers a Prestwood exclusive, TConnectionStringBuilder, a non-visual component you can use in your applications to let your users build a connection string at program startup. You can then store that connection string, for future use, in an INI file or registry key.
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Hi Mike, Can you please explain how to use DYNAMIC abstract methods. --- raj
Posted 49 months ago
Delphi Abstraction (abstract, override)
{Too Long!}
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hello world --- alex
Posted 53 months ago
Delphi: Encryption of data fields
This article discusses the reasons and methods for encrypting data fields in Delphi.
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Thank you for doing these sample questions! Question#8 could be clarified a bit more though to specify that the different case variables cannot be used within the same scope (thus the answer is False). At first I thought the question was asking if either case could be used in Delphi (I was thinking different scopes), which would lead to a True answer. --- Janice
Posted 57 months ago
Delphi Case Sensitivity (No)

Languages Focus: Case Sensitivity

Case sensitiviy in this case is referring to commands and variable names. For example, are "printf" and "PrintF" equivalent? Are fullname and FullName equivalent? When you create commands, operations, methods, or variables should you worry about case?

Delphi Case Sensitivity

Object Pascal is generally not case sensitive.
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It works! Thank you so much!! --- alex
Posted 5 years ago
Extracting Plain Text From HTML
HTML is great. Sometimes, though, we need to get at just the embedded plain text.
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I must to thank you so much to spend your time writing this very usefull article. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! --- Jos´┐Ż from Brasil
Posted 5 years ago
Large Fonts and Windows Controls
This topic discusses the issues surrounding Delphi forms running on a desktop with large fonts enabled.
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THanks very mucH for tHe examples --- DB
Posted 5 years ago
Delphi Overriding (virtual, override)

General Info: Method Overriding

Where you define or implement a virtual method in a parent class and then replace it in a descendant class. When you decide to declare a method as virtual, you are giving permission to derived classes to extend and override the method with their own implementation. You can have the extended method call the parent method's code too. In most OO languages you can also choose to hide a parent method. When you introduce a new implementation of the same named method with the same signature without overriding, you are hiding the parent method.

Delphi Overriding

In Delphi, you specify a virtual method with the virtual keyword in a parent class and extend (or replace) it in a descendant class using the override keyword. Call Inherited in the descendant method to execute the code in the parent method.
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Whenever i set Active:True of BDE TTable I always endup getting error "Data Structure Corruption" please help me out --- ngbyt3
Posted 5 years ago
Using BDE TTables to read or write text file records
How to read or write data from comma-delimeted or fixed length record text files in Borland Delphi.

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