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Corel Paradox / ObjectPAL Coding Latest KB Comments

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The character of Gon was my favorite character while playing Tekken gaming series. I read the  specification of this game. This character was the deadliest character ever made. But the story line of this character was not good enough.
Posted 106 days ago
Power: Chapter 15, Fields, Table Frames, and MROs
Chapter 15, "Fields, Table Frames, and MROs" from Paradox 9 Power Programming by Mike Prestwood.
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Thanks Mike!  We‘re still plugging along with Paradox and I needed to restrict users‘ input on a form.  It worked perfectly!
Posted 7 months ago
Power: Chapter 16, Handling the Keyboard
Chapter 16, "Handling the Keyboard" from Paradox 9 Power Programming by Mike Prestwood.
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{Too Long!}
Posted 17 months ago
ODBC - Intersolv v3.11 driver with Pdx9 installation disk
Currently using Pdx on laptop with Win7 64 bit, no problems with essentially interactive use for year past.  Now have need for access to Pdx tables by ODBC. Have installed drivers supplied on the Pdx 9 install disk but the drivers do not show up on the Drivers tab of the ODBC Administrator window. In past, have successfully installed drivers ex Pdx 9 cd with same Pdx 11 set up on machines running Win XP. Except this time used a backup cd copy of the original installation disk. Made 2 attempts, first prompted for licence code, entered and it ran. The driver files have copied to the default location as prompted by the setup procedure. Also accepted default installation path for Pdx 11.
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How do you reference the current form's (implicit) data model?  (I need to grab a value from a table that's related to the main [only] table in the form.) Thanks! PT@PhilipT.com
Posted 23 months ago
Data Model
A data model is a diagram of the tables used in a form or report. It identifies the tables, defines the relationships between them (links), and has features including the ability to filter each table and mark any table as read-only. You can save a data model (.dm) and reuse it with another form or report.
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I missed the Long Integer in the 'Paradox Field Types' section. :-)
Posted 27 months ago
Paradox Table Specifications
Covers ALL Paradox tables from version 4 on including a description of the various Paradox table structures, limits, and specifications.
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{Too Long!}
Posted 28 months ago
Paradox 11 Desktop Settings do not Save (PdxRegCl.exe)
Paradox does not remember desktop settings. I just installed Paradox 11 on a new computer and my working directory and other settings do not stick when I restart Paradox. Why?
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That's true, I was just saying that NOTEPAD is a quick, easy veicle for transferring the QBE code to an OBJECTPAL script under one of object explorer's events within the FSL form. The aliases in the code from NOTEPAD reference the already set up data tables to be used in the query.
Posted 30 months ago
How to Make Programmed Paradox Queries with Microsoft Notepad
Takeaway: This article discusses a technique I use to create ObjectPAL queries that can easily be modified for other purposes such as customized reporting.
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I am trying to use some of the"msg" procedures. I have successfully used "msgInfo" but can't persuade the others to work. For example, when I try to place a "msgAbortRetryIgnore" statement into a method, the compiler flags it but doesn't explain what is wrong. The online help with my package provides no further assistance. Obviously there is something wrong with the context in which I am placing these procedures but I have no idea how to get them working.
Posted 32 months ago
PUN: Paradox 7 Programming Unleashed Demo Files
Demo files included on CD with book.
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Hi Mark, The funny thing, or good news, is that Paradox runs better on Windows 10 64bit than on Windows 7 and Paradox runs better on Win7 than Vista. Backwards compatibility is getting better with each version of Windows after Vista. So, use either Paradox 9, 10, or 11.
Posted 40 months ago
Install Paradox 9 on Windows 7 64bit
Paradox 9, 10, 11, etc. install easily on Windows 7! You do have to download WinHelp to get the Paradox help files to work properly.
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You're welcome Peter!
Posted 44 months ago
Power: Chapter 11, Programming with Queries
Chapter 11, "Programming with Queries" from Paradox 9 Power Programming by Mike Prestwood.

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