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Microsoft Access Latest KB Comments

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Posted 8 days ago
Access VBA Comments (' or REM)

Languages Focus: Comments

Commenting code generally has three purposes: to document your code, for psuedo coding prior to coding, and to embed compiler directives. Most languages support both a single line comment and a multiple line comment. Some languages also use comments to give instructions to the compiler or interpreter.

Access VBA Comments

Commenting Code, Access VBA, like all the VB-based languages, uses a single quote (') or the original class-style basic "REM" (most developers just use a quote). Access VBA does NOT have a multiple line comment. Directives - #, Directives are sometimes called compiler or preprocessor directives. A # is used for directives within Access VBA code. Access VBA offers only an #If..then/#ElseIf/#Else directive.
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Posted 5 months ago
How I Make a Multiple Page PDF File Scroll to a Specific Page in a Browser
This article discusses a programming technique I used in a Microsoft Access database application to display a multiple page PDF document and make it position itself at a specific page.
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In your question one your dim statements for a, b and c will be variants. Only D is declared as a boolean. You need to explicitly state the data type each time otherwise it will be a variant --- Paul Arrowsmith
Posted 50 months ago
Access VBA Logical Operators (and, or, not)

Languages Focus: Logical Operators

Logical operators perform conditional and, or, and not operations. Some languages support both binary logical operators that link two and unary logical operators negate (make opposite) the truth value of its argument. Finally, some languages short circuit logic. For example, with this or that, if this is an expression returning true, then that is never executed.

Access VBA Logical Operators

Same as VB. Access VBA logical operators:
and and, as in this and that
or or, as in this or that
Not Not, as in Not This
Access VBA never short circuits. Given the expression this or that as well as this and that, if this evaluates to false, then that is still executed.
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{Too Long!}
Posted 6 years ago
Microsoft Access 1.0 Released
Microsoft releases MS Access early in order to beat Paradox to market.
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fsdfsdfds --- Santy
Posted 9 years ago
Access VBA Report Tools Overview (Built-In)

Languages Focus: Report Tools Overview

Built-In: Some development tools have a reporting tool built-in and some do not. For example, typically desktop databases such as Paradox and Access have a built-in reporting tool and typically that reporting tool is used with nearly every application built with it. A built-in reporting tool makes development of reports across many clients and applications consistent and therefore easy. Add-On: Development tools that do not have a built-in reporting tool need to use either a currently bundled report writer, or one of the popular reporting tools that integrates well with the development tool. For example, popular reporting tools include Crystal Reports, ReportBuilder, and MS SQL Reporting Services (tied to MS SQL).

Access VBA Report Tools Overview

Microsoft Access offers a built-in reporting tool that will suffice for most desktop database applications.

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