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Know some news about American I.T. Workforce? Anyone can post news! Earn member points you can spend in our store! You can post formal press releases from vendor sites. If you are a vendor, you can post an announcement of new releases of products. If you have a website or page, post your link in our resource links and when you have big news about your site, post it here! If you build software (like we do) and you have just deployed a project using this technology, post a news announcement about. This is a great way to get extra exposure for your consulting firm and we do want you to advertise your company here in news posts and in this group's resource links.
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1. Reverse Offshoring - Sallie Mae to create 2000 U.S. jobs

Sallie Mae to create 2,000 jobs, return its overseas operations to U.S.

Posted to KB Topic: Off Shoring
11 years ago
(2 Comments , last by William.c )
2. (H-1b) Alternative to Bill Gates' Suggested Increase Programmers Guild Proposes Alternative to the H-1b Lottery
Posted to KB Topic: American I.T. workforce
12 years ago, and updated 12 years ago
(2 Comments , last by Pervez.J )
3. More Heat for Indian Outsourcers Business Week: Senators Grassley and Durbin release more data showing that Tata, Infosys, and others are using U.S. work visas to their advantage
Posted to KB Topic: American I.T. workforce
13 years ago
(1 Comments , last by Pervez.J )
4. Immigration attorneys explain how to displace American workers - legally of course This video explains why at least 100,000 Sunday classified ads each year are bogus, and applicants don't have a chance of getting hired.
13 years ago, and updated 13 years ago
(1 Comments , last by Pervez.J )

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