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Unary Operators (Delphi and Access VBA Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Delphi versus Access VBA: A side by side comparison between Delphi and Access VBA.


A language symbol used for assignment, comparison, computational, or as a logical.

Unary Operators

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General Info: Unary Operator

An operation with only one operand (a single input). Common unary operators include + plus, - minus, and bitwise not. Some operators can function as both unary and binary operators. For example, + and - operators can serve as either.

Languages Focus

What unary operators are supported in additoin to the standard plus, minus, and bitwise not.


An operation with only one operand (a single input). In Object Pascal, a unary operator has the highest precedence and always precedes its operand (for example, -B), except for the  ^ pointer operator, which follows its operand (for example, P^). In addition to the obvious +, -, and Not operators, Delphi also offers:

^ Pointer
@ returns the address of a variable, function, procedure, or method; a pointer to its operand.
inc() Increment
dec() Decrement

The TYPE operator is also a unary operator and is valuated at compile time. The TYPE operator returns the size in bytes of the operand,

More Info / Comment
Access VBA: 

An operation with only one operand (a single input) such as +, -, and Not.

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