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File Extensions (Delphi and C++ Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Delphi versus C++: A side by side comparison between Delphi and C++.

Tool Basics

Developer environment basics such as common file extensions, common keyboard shortcuts, etc.

File Extensions

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Languages Focus

Common or primary file extensions used (not a complete list, just the basics).


Common source code file extensions include:

  • .BDSPROJ - Project, Borland Developer Studio project file holds compiler options, etc. This is the file you open.
  • .DCU - Delphi Compiled Unit file.
  • .DFM - Delphi Win32 form file (a text resource file).
  • .DPR - Delphi project file. Primary project "source" file.
  • .PAS - Delphi unit source file.

Note: Delphi 2009 changed the project file to acommadatte new features. When you open a project file from a previous version, it will be upgraded. In addition to .bdsproj, D2009 also uses a .dproj project file.

C++:   .CPP and .H

Important standard C++ file extensions:

  • .CPP = C++ Source file. Your startup source file will have a main() routine.
  • .C = C source file (sometimes used for C++ source files too).
  • .H = Header include file.

Some important Visual C++ file extensions:

Some important C++Builder file extensions:

  • .BDSPROJ and .CBPROJ = Project file.
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