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Code Blocks (Delphi and C++ Cross Reference Guide)

By Mike Prestwood

Delphi versus C++: A side by side comparison between Delphi and C++.

Language Basics

Language basics is kind of a catch all for absolute beginner stuff. The items (common names) I chose for language basics is a bit random and include items like case sensitivity, commenting, declaring variables, etc.

Code Blocks

[Other Languages] 

Languages Focus

The rules for code blocks within a language dictate where you can declare variables, how you "bracket" code, etc.

Delphi:   begin..end

Object Pascal requires the semi-colon after the "declaration" part.

Syntax Example:
function DoSomething : integer;
  a, b : integer
  a := 1;
  b := 2;
  result := a + b;
C++:   { }

For C++, Java, JavaScript, and PHP, I will use Berkeley indent style only because I see more C++ code formatted that way.

Syntax Example:
int Dog::Bark() {
cout << "My first class method!" << endl;
return 0;

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