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Partial Class

A partial class, or partial type, is a class that can be split into two or more source code files and/or two or more locations within the same source file. Each partial class is known as a class part or just a part. Logically, partial classes do not make any difference to the compiler. The compiler puts the class together at compile time and treats the final class or type as a single entity exactly the same as if all the source code was in a single location.

Languages Focus

For languages that have implemented partial classes, you need to know usage details and restrictions. Can you split a class into two or more files? Can you split a class within a source code file into two or more locations? What are the details of inheritance? Does it apply to interfaces as well?

C#:  "Partial Classes" partial

C# uses the keyword partial to specify a partial class. All parts must be in the same namespace.

Syntax Example:
class partial Cyborg: System.Object

Cross Reference Examples:

Access VBA:  "Partial Classes" Not Supported
ASP Classic:  "Partial Classes" Not Supported
C++:  "Partial Classes" Not Supported

In C++, you can split the implementation of a class among two or more source files. However, you must declare the member in the class declaration.

C++/CLI:  "Partial Classes" Not Supported

C++/CLI does not yet support partial classes. My assumption is that it will soon because it is a .Net language´┐Żbut only time will tell.

Corel Paradox:  "Partial Classes" Not Supported
Delphi:  "Partial Classes" Not Supported

As of Delphi 2009, partial classes are not supported. The main reason given in the thread below was that the Delphi compiler is a single pass compiler. Here is a link to a discussion thread on the subject:

Delphi Prism:  "Partial Classes" partial

Prism supports both partial classes and partial methods using the keyword partial. A partial method is an empty method defined in a partial class.

Syntax Example:
//Organize a large class in multiple files.
T800 = partial class(Cyborg, IHuman);
T800 = partial class(ITalk);
//Partial methods too:´┐Ż
T800 = public partial class
method Walk; partial; empty;
method Run; partial; empty;
Java:  "Partial Classes" Not Supported
VB Classic:  "Partial Classes" Not Supported
VB.Net:  "Partial Classes" Partial

VB.Net supports both partial classes and partial methods.

Syntax Example:
Partial Public Class Cyborg
Inherits System.Object
End Class

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