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  From the October 2009 Issue of Prestwood eMag
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FAQ: Microsoft FrontPage
Posted 18 years ago on 6/1/2002
Take Away:

Answers to questions you may have about using Microsoft's FrontPage on Prestwood Servers.


Answers to questions you may have about using Microsoft's FrontPage on Prestwood Servers.

Q." what is meant by "our technologies supports FrontPage extensions"?

A. Support for FrontPage. According to Microsoft's documentation for FrontPage Web Presence Providers, "Installing the FrontPage Server Extensions gives your customers full support for all of the features of FrontPage. This includes remote authoring, threaded discussion groups, full-text search, and surveys."

We support Microsoft FrontPage in several ways:

  • We configure your site for FrontPage by installing and maintaining the server extensions.
  • We provide Technical Support related to the functionality of the extensions.
  • We point FrontPage users to resources that will help you solve problems, publish your FrontPage webs and learn techniques for getting the most from your FrontPage software.

We DO NOT provide direct technical support related to the use of your FrontPage software. User issues are referred to Microsoft's Technical Support Team.

Q. What are "Server Extensions"?

A. Server Extensions. FrontPage Extensions are CGI programs which provide the server side implementation of FrontPage. FrontPage communicates with the extensions via HTTP using a Remote Procedure Call (RPC). When the server sees the "POST" request addressed to the FrontPage server extensions it simply directs the request to the appropriate CGI program. The extensions implement authoring (uploading/downloading documents, ToDo Lists), administration (setting end-user, author, and administrator privileges), and dynamic content (browse-time WebBot components).

Without the FrontPage Server Extensions you will not be able to take advantage of the WebBots that are available through FrontPage. Also, without the extensions you cannot author and administer your web using the tools provided as part of the FrontPage Editor/Explorer package.

Q. How do I get the FrontPage extensions installed on my site?


A. Getting the extensions installed.

New Accounts

Check the box on the order form indicating that you want the FrontPage extensions. New domains that request the FrontPage extensions when the order is placed will have the extensions installed within 2 days of activation.

Existing Accounts

To have the FrontPage server extensions installed on your existing site, send an email request to support@prestwood.net with the following information:

  • Your domain name
  • Your user id
  • Your request for FrontPage extensions.
  • Confirmation that you have back-up of any web pages currently on the site.

    (In most cases it is not necessary to delete files currently on the site to install the extensions. However, if there are directories or files with special permissions (.htaccess) these will have to be removed. You can then re-establish permissions and password protection via the FrontPage Explorer.)

On existing sites, the installation will generally be done within 24 hours.

Q. Is there a charge for the server extensions?

A. There is no charge for installing the server extensions. We will also reinstall corrupted extensions free of charge*.

*Note: There are certain precautions that MUST be taken when publishing and maintaining your site with FrontPage.

Q. What is a WebBot?

A. WebBots are the mechanism for invoking many of the interactive features built into FrontPage.

Some, such as Include and Substitution allow elements of the web to be entered once and included in any or all of the pages by inserting the Bot component referencing that element (e.g. a logo or navigation bar). Changes made to the "master" element are made automatically to any page containing the referencing Bot.

Other Bots, such as Search, Table of Contents and Timestamp, control dynamic browse-time features. These Bots work behind the scenes to keep the web up-to-date for visitors.

For more information on using the Bots, see the documentation provided with FrontPage or contact Microsoft Technical Support.

Note Bots are now called components starting with FrontPage 2000.

Q. Are all the features available in FrontPage supported on my site?

A. Since FrontPage was created for developing web-sites in the Windows environment, some features are only available with our W2K/NT Plans.

  • Active Server Pages
  • ODBC and MS SQL Database connections (Access, FoxPro)
  • ActiveX
  • VBScript
  • ASPUpload
  • Office Extensions


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