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  From the January 2016 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Proj Man PSDP General:
PSDP Online Overview
Posted 14 years ago on 6/8/2006 and updated 8/27/2007
Take Away: Our online database gives you visibility into the work we're doing for you. It tracks your requests including workflow, client info, app info, and project information.


Over the past couple months, developers at Prestwood Software have been creating an online system that will fully track the workflow of tasks submitted by our clients, document the information and lifecycles of the various applications that our clients use in everyday business, and provide a repository of information for every phase in a PSDP (Prestwood Software Development Process) project. The three online areas are My Tickets, Enterprise Modeling, and PSDP Online. These options along with other MyPrestwood member options are available at www.prestwood.com (on the left hand side of the page). These options are visible when you sign in. If you don't have a MyPrestwood account, create one today.

What are My Tickets, Enterprise Modeling, and PSDP Online?

This article will give you an overview of each piece of the online system and how they can aid in any software development or support you or your company may require. In subsequent eMagazine articles I will cover each area in depth.

My Tickets

Various types of requests are funneled through the My Tickets area of the prestwood.com website. If you currently are not a client of Prestwood Software and would like to engage us regarding a task or project, the process is as easy as creating a free MyPrestwood account.

After you create an account, just select My Tickets on the left hand side of the page and then select Create Ticket.

If you currently have an active PSDP project or support account with Prestwood Software, the My Tickets system can be used to submit work requests by following the same steps previously mentioned. The My Tickets system allows you as the customer to see the status and history of your request through the ticket itself and through automated status emails. If your request pertains to a single task or support account and not an entire PSDP Project, you can view how many hours the task is estimated to take in order to complete and authorize your billable hours accordingly. Accurate communication between developers, project managers, and clients is extremely important and the My Tickets system allows us here at Prestwood Software to effectively communicate with you.

Enterprise Modeling

The purpose of Enterprise Modeling is to discover and document the software applications that your company has used, currently uses, and plans to use in the future. Proper Enterprise Modeling allows an analyst to fully understand the software needs of your company and allows him or her to suggest better, more appropriate solutions. Enterprise Modeling on prestwood.com does not just apply to the custom applications that we have developed over the years for our clients, but to every piece of software your company uses or has used to function whether it be an application created by one of your staff members, a commercial piece of software, or the like. Most importantly, Enterprise Modeling at prestwood.com ties together all your tickets and projects. Each ticket and project is tied to a single application and you can easily browse requirements, design items, coding conventions and more for an applicaiton. These items can even span multiple projects!

About PSDP Online

PSDP Online offers you visibility into the work we're doing for you. If a task grows into a project, we use our PSDP software development process along with our PSDP Online database for tracking your project including tasks, requirements, test scripts, defects, etc. This online database serves as a permanent knowledge base for the work we do for you. Also, you have full access to this database so you can add and edit information yourself which can save both time and money.

PSDP Online tracks the following client information:

  • Client general information
  • Application information (a client can have 1 or more apps)
  • Project Information (each application can have 1 or more projects)

For each project, PSDP Online tracks the following project information:

  • Team Members and their PSDP Online rights
  • Tasks (with or without checkpoints)
  • Change Orders
  • General Requirements
  • Detailed Requirement Items
  • General Designs (one is chosen per project)
  • Detailed Design Items
  • Test Scripts
  • Builds
  • Defects

PSDP Online is flexible as it is suited to fit any software project size as well as various project management styles. Once you have a software project established with Prestwood Software you will quickly see how we are able to guide you through each step of the software development process.


Our online system offers you visibility into the work we're doing for you. This database is available through your My Tickets and My PSDP Online links. You have full access to this database so you can add and edit information yourself which can save both time and money. If a task grows into a project, we use our PSDP standard (a proven and repeatable software development process) along with PSDP Online for tracking your project. PSDP Online tracks tasks, requirements, detail designs, test scripts, defects, and much more. If our relationship grows into a long term partnership, we offer enterprise modeling that ties together multiple applications and multiple projects. Our online database serves as a permanent knowledge base for the work we do for you. Your custom software is YOUR intellectual property. PSDP Online is part of your institutional memory.


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Article Contributed By Adam Lum:

Adam Lum is a part time developer for Prestwood Software and participates in this online community when time allows. His day-to-day work is C# coding but his current intrests (right now) are Ruby on Rails and iOS programming with Objective-C.  He has also coded several projects in Java, C++, ASP Classic, and PHP.  His personal website can be found at adamlum.com.

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