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  From the August 2011 Issue of Prestwood eMag
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Windows Email Overflow Due to Full Disk Space FAQ
Posted 14 years ago on 6/9/2006
Take Away: Frequently Asked Questions about email on our hosted websites.


This FAQ is provided to help you avoid having your allotted Windows email disk space fill up because of email management issues.

If you do not routinely access your Windows POP email account, unwanted or unneeded email messages can accumulate and fill up your mailbox. When full, it can no longer accept additional incoming email messages. This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) document provides information on how we handle a full POP mailbox situation. In addition, you will also find advice on how to prevent your mailbox from becoming full.

Q: What if I don't receive email messages that I know have been sent to me?

A: Here are some major reasons why you might not receive email messages:

  • The sender may have mistyped your email address. 
  • Your email client (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, etc.) may not be configured properly. For help on configuring your email client, please visit How to Configure Your Email Program.
  • There may have been a temporary problem with an email server.
    Your disk space may be full.
  • The inbound message may have been identified as "spam" and delivery was denied.

Q: How much disk space is available for my Windows email account?

A: The email disk space available to your domain is dependent upon the Windows plan you have purchased. Please refer to your control panel which provides a listing of the current MB used versus MB available for the plan you have purchased. If you are the person who is in charge of your web site, it is your responsibility to check your web site regularly to make sure that it has ample free email disk space.

Q: What is an email overflow and what is your policy regarding overflows?

A: When your domain no longer has enough free email disk space, it cannot accept incoming email messages. In such an instance, we temporarily store your incoming email that is overflowed email in a storage queue. We are devoted to assuring you that all of your incoming email messages are successfully delivered as quickly as possible. Further, in an overflow email situation, we guarantee that we will make every effort to store overflowed email in a storage queue until it can be delivered, in a timely manner, once sufficient disk space for your domain is again available.

Q: Can I read my mail while it is in the storage queue?

A: No. The storage queue is simply a temporary holding area for your overflowed email. To read your email messages, they must be located in your Inbox.

Q: How do I get my overflow email messages out of the storage queue and into my Inbox?

A: You will need to free some email disk space for your Inbox. When disk space is again available, the overflow email messages will be transferred automatically to your Inbox within 12 hours.

Q: How do I avoid an overflow situation?

A: End users and domain administrators can avoid an overflow situation by doing the following:

End Users:
As an end user, you can help to avoid an overflow situation by just reading your email messages regularly. If you are using an email client such as Microsoft Express, Outlook Express, Eudora, or Netscape Mail, your messages are automatically downloaded when you read them.

NOTE: Make sure that the Leave a copy of messages on server option in your email client is NOT selected; otherwise, old messages will accumulate within your account and use up your disk space.

In Microsoft Outlook, the path to this option is:


In Netscape Navigator's email client, the path is

Edit/Preferences/Mail & Newsgroups/MailServers/Edit/POP

Other email clients may have different paths to this option. Please refer to your email client's help files for detailed information.

Domain Administrators:
Incoming email resides in disk space separate from your domain's Web pages. The amount of email disk space currently being used is displayed on your Control Panel. It is displayed as a percentage of total disk space that is available for your hosting plan. Incoming email messages are stored in this disk space for all configured email accounts as well as for the "catch all" email account for your domain.

As an administrator, you can help to prevent an overflow situation by:

  • Making sure that your email end users download their email regularly by using any POP3 desktop email client application. Some popular POP3 clients include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, and Pegasus.
  • Monitoring your domain's available email disk space. If the amount of free email disk space gets too low you can free up some disk space by removing any unnecessary file attachments or entire email messages.
  • Purchasing additional email disk space. If you need additional disk space, just contact us.

    Q: Do email messages in the storage queue just sit there?

    A: No. We make several attempts to transfer your overflow email messages to your Inbox.
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    Q: If I fill up my disk space, what steps will you take to help me avoid losing my overflowed email messages?

    A: To help you to resolve the situation, we do the following:

  • Immediately redirect the overflow email messages to an on-line storage queue. This protects you from losing any messages that could have been lost due to full disk space.
  • Make several attempts over the next three to five days to deliver the stored overflowed email messages to your account.
  • On your domain administrator Control Panel, we display the current amount of disk space that is available for your domain. As the email disk space used for storage hits 80 % of the total, an email message is sent to the email address you provided to us when you purchased your hosting account. As this amount approaches 100%, an email overflow can occur should incoming email messages fill the remaining disk space. In such a case, additional incoming email messages will be routed to the overflow queue so they can be redelivered when there again exists free space to receive it. In addition, the domain administrators Control Panel will contain information about possible solutions to the overflow situation. If the amount reaches 100%, a notice appears on the Control Panel, informing the account owner that mail will not be delivered due to lack of space.

    Q: If my overflow email messages stay in the storage queue for too long, what happens to them?

    A: If the overflow email messages could not be delivered after our final attempt to transfer them from the storage queue to your Inbox, the messages are bounced, with the first 50 lines of the message attached to the bounce.

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