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ASP Classic Language Basics:
Get Count of Field Types in a Table
Posted 12/28/2006 on 12/28/2006
Take Away: Code sample to get a count of the number of fields in a table of a particular field type (a particular DataTypeEnum).


When writing a generic data layer, you will create many reusable routines for handling the displaying of data. When displaying data, you sometimes need to know how many fields of a particular type are in a table. For example, if a table contains 1 or 2 memo fields, you might display both of them; otherwise, you may choose to display none or just the first one, etc.

The following code gets a count of the number of fields in a table of a particular type.

' DB_GetMemoCount
' Common Field Types...
' -adDate: Date
' -adInteger: Integer
' -adLongVarWChar: Memo
' -adVarWChar: Character field
' MSDN Link - DataTypeEnum Complete listing
Function DB_GetFieldTypeCount(ARecordSet, ADataTypeEnum)
 Dim TableField
 Dim MemoCount
 MemoCount = 0
 For TableField = 0 to ARecordSet.Fields.Count - 1
  If ARecordSet.Fields.Item(TableField).Type = ADataTypeEnum Then
   MemoCount = MemoCount + 1
  End If
 DB_GetMemoCount = MemoCount
End Function

Using DB_GetFieldTypeCount

Here is a simple example of calling this function:

Dim RS
'''Open RS with something like RS.Open ... 
Response.Write "Number of memos in tables: " & DB_GetFieldTypeCount(RS, adLongVarWChar)
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