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Smaller Is Sometimes Better!
Posted 2/11/2008 on 2/11/2008 and updated 9/29/2010
Take Away: What is the advantage of working with a smaller consulting firm like Prestwood versus a Big 5 IT consulting firm?


There are a lot of advantages, starting with the fact that we consider each and every customer a priority. With larger consulting firms your project is in competition with many others. Sometimes, getting the job done is often more important than applying the best technologists to getting the job done right. The higher rates you pay are not always relative to the skill level you get. Larger companies have extremely high overhead including the support of significant marketing campaigns, and this cost has to be made up for somewhere. Consider that in addition to paying higher rates to larger companies you can also end up with unexpected costs because of inappropriate staffing, resulting in poorly executed projects.

We deal in quality not quantity. We cant afford failed or poorly delivered projects. We know our team and each individuals ability. We hire based on a persons ability, not because we need people to place on projects. We know what we are technically equipped to do and what we are not. All projects at Prestwood start with a feasibility phase. In brief, do we understand what the client wants, and do we have the skill and experience to do it?


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Joe Restle
Posted 9/29/2010

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We humans have a wide range of artistic and technical capabilites.

Since Paradox is such a class act, I think it should be put to music. If you want to do that you could send it to Rene Flemming and could sing Paradox at the Metropoliiton Opera.

Posted 9/29/2010
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