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  From the October 2015 Issue of Prestwood eMag
Tech Writer General, Getting Started, etc.:
Writing as a process
Posted 12 years ago on 11/12/2008
Take Away: Writing applies to any sort of information. However, writing in general is a generic process that involves many components. Writing itself is a big process that includes many things within itself. It is not easy to write and convey information to end user. Writing require experience, grammar skills, domain knowledge, process knowledge, etc. By this, we would be able to understand the importance of writing.


Writing of any information in general is a very lengthy and complex process. As a writer starts writing one ore more documents, he holds to have a good expertise in his writing skills. For a writer, his previous works and experience plays an important role in his career. The appropriate usage of grammar and usage of technical terms in sentences comes by his/her experience.

As time passes by, writing becomes easier for a writer and it is an art of craft wherein every time the writer needs to be very careful about his documents written by him. Practice makes one perfect. Yes, this is true in the case of documentation. No theory or no formula can create a good document. Isn't it? Hope you all agree with me. Writing involves experience including thinking, planning, framing outline, research, gathering information.

However, the actual process when followed within the documentation life cycle becomes much more complex as this would involve lot of planning, design and writing activities. Several initial drafts would come out of this work and then the documents go through several changes.

Writing as a process involves choosing a topic/area of interest/technology information, looking into the aspects of technology, gathering information, discussions and research.


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