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Design Tips Page

These Tips are contributed by you (our online community members). They are organized by our knowledge base topics. Specifically, by the Design sub-topics.

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6 Website Design & Hosting Tips

Group: Website Design & Hosting

Topic: Artistic (design, layout, etc.)

1. Avoid
Avoid the usage of "Click Here" as a text link. You should make better use of the text.

2. Don't Use Size=1 or Font-Size=xx-small
Do not use the smallest standard font size of "1" and "xx-small" for any text you actually want a visitor to read. The smallest font size should be reserved for text you don't care if the visitor reads like the copyright notice at the bottom of the page.

Topic: Graphics

3. Resize Transparent Image, Increase Colors First

Before you resize a transparent GIF or PNG larger or smaller, make sure you first increase the number of colors to the maximum number of colors allowed. In essence, unleash the full power of your graphics program. After you resize your image, you will have to reapply transparency.

Topic: HTML Language Reference

4. Don't Make TD Tags Links
Although Internet Explorer supports putting an "a" link tag around a table TD cell, do not do it because other browsers don't support it.

Topic: Logos

5. Logos Should Use 1 Symbol Max

Each logo you create should have at most one symbol. You can mess with the text is "textual" ways such as font, color, and minor tweaks, but if you include a "symbol", you should include only one symbol.

Topic: Website Scripting

6. Don't Overlook Robots.txt

When designing websites, all developers are required to manage not only the content of the site, but the indexing of the site as well.  Robots.txt is a powerful tool you can use to make sure your projects are listed in search engines as effectively as possible.

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