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4 Coding & OO Files

Group: Coding & OO

Topic: General Info, Installation, etc.

Download VS.Net 2008 90-Day Trial -

Download the free Visual Studio.Net 2008 90-day trial edition.

LLBLGen Pro - Object-Relation Mapping & Code-Generator Tool

Topic: Borland Database Engine

Borland Database Engine 5.202 -
BDE 5.202 plus BDE Info utility

Download BDE 5.202 (includes a small BDE Information utility for testing the installation).

Topic: Programming

Visual Studio MRU Cleanup Tool -

Sometimes old news is good news.

If you still need to work with Visual Studio 2005, you may find yourself annoyed by that list of Recent Projects on your Start Page; a list you can't clean up - unless you want to go poking around in the Windows Registry.

The nifty little utility at this link takes care of the problem in a clean, straightforward, easy-to-use way.
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